The Erotic Adventures of David the Gnome

The Erotic Adventures of David the Gnome
A Fan Fic by Deathstalker


Nothing can go wrong with this story....

David the gnome was feeling very horny one day, and his wife wouldn’t put out.  In the gnome world, it’s not right to beat a female or express great sexual desires.  Therefore, David was in a pinch.

The front of his pants stretched out as long as the point of his hat.  Gnomes were well endowed creatures. He couldn’t just go out into public like that, not with his raging erection. How could he explain that to his neighbors?  David did what any gnome in his situation would do. He dropped his pants, and grabbed a hold of his enlarged shaft.

David moaned excitedly at this feeling his hand was giving him. Being in a hurry, he spit into the palm of his hand, and then put it back on his gnome cock.

Up and down David worked the shaft, using his other hand to sometimes massage his balls, a practice he loved when his wife used.  David’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as his member throbbed and ebbed with his touch.  Love juice began flowing up David’s tunnel of love.

He became aware that he was in the mood for something different, and took his thumb to his anus, and inserted it.  A gnome was never supposed to do this! “FUCK ‘EM!” David whispered to himself.  David was tired of being a fuckin’ goody too shoes.


No more Mr. Nice guy!

He thought to himself “That’s a bunch of damn Papa Smurf shit, and I sure as hell ain’t no damn smurf. I’ll shove my hat up his ass if I ever get a hold of him. David thought of the blue skinned, blonde haired honey Smurfette. “Boy I’d like to put my gnome dick up in that blue cunt!” David thought of him sucking on her big blue tits and her nipples responding to his mouth.


fantasy girl.

dream girl

Then he would stick his gnome cock into her smurfing smurf! He bet that damn smurf had a tight smurf!


Get in the kitchen a make me a sandwhich, bitch!

The thought began to be too much and just as David shot his load, his wife opened the door to their gnome hut.  She gasped as David’s man milk shot up to the ceiling.  He saw the shocked expression on his wife’s face.

If this had happened earlier, David would have killed himself in shame. David realized he now had no shame.

That damn bitch! This was HER fault! David walked up to her and began to slap her in the face repeatedly with his gnome dick.


Dry hump.

His wife cowered before him.  For the first time in his life, David was in control. No more fucking do-gooding, just good fucking! David smiled to himself as he had his wife lick his gnome cum off the floor.  She smiled up at David with the cum dripping down from her mouth onto her bountiful breasts giving her a pearl necklace.  “David!”, she claimed with audible passion in her voice “that was amazing!  Ever since you started to take the enzyte, you’ve had a bold new step in your confidence.”


Man...I could go for a POWERfuck right now!

David had plans for the village, with his bold new step in confidence.  He would take all the daughters hottie gnomes and MILFS and turn them out!  But first he was going to do his wife….IN THE BUTT!!!





  1. A thumb in your ass turns you on? I bet a dick would too.

    • LOL this story is ABOUT David the Gnome, not WRITTEN by David the Gnome. Sorry to disappoint.

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