Changing Seasons

Childhood is over as is adolescence
Teenage years spent in reminiscence
Early twenties now, nothing changed
Except for us now being estranged
Childhood friends now passing strangers
High school diplomas exchanged for college majors
Except for me, the one who never grows
I guess for some that’s the way it goes
For the things I’ve learned in life
Were taught in lessons of death and strife
The world rotates and nothing matters
On meaning my brain constantly clatters
Peace is a dream, an ideal, to which I hold
Hoping for Heaven and streets made of gold
My mind is in Hell from lack of reason
Why should I feel joy because “’tis the season”?
Looking at things in a state of neutrality
Finding answers coming in waves of duality
For every negative, a positive also in tact
Ironic, for life is a balancing act
The difference between my friend and I
Is that I know what it feels like to die
Corrupted innocence, romances failed
Now most of all an old friends betrayal
These are deaths to which I’ve suffered
Patiently I await with open arms another
My mind a graveyard of pleasant things
Dreams, friends, loves, things in youth life brings
Give unto me what I want to give
Peace and joy; and the will to live


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