Loves Easy Tears

Loves Easy Tears
A Hellraiser FanFic by deathstalker2

I couldn’t believe it. She was no stranger to doing cold and hurtful things but even for her it was a new low. She threw this guy in my face like a weapon, knowing how I felt for her, and she tells me she is getting married to him. After spending 4 months telling me and anyone else who would listen to her incessant babbling that she would never get married. I remembered the last time I saw her, in October. After a night of partying, dancing, and drinking, she told me she didn’t want to see me anymore. Continue reading

The Wolfman (2010)

Sir Anthony Hopkins proclaims in the film, “The beast will have it’s day!”. Unfortunately if it’s up to Universal Studios, that day won’t be anytime soon. Continue reading

The House of the Devil (2009)


I dug the hell (pardon the pun) out of this homage to 80’s horror/after-school specials that becomes it’s own weird and intense beast that keeps you on your toes for 90 minutes if you have what most modern audiences don’t these days: an attention span. Continue reading

Monique Gabrielle

When I was seven or eight years old I saw a movie that would forever change my life. That movie was “Deathstalker 2”. A very silly and campy movie about an anti-heroic swashbuckler/swindler, who much like Lil Wayne was just looking to get laid and gets monies, but is different from Lil Wayne in that Deathstalker is actually a tolerable person to be around for at least 80 minutes.


Neither of them are that damn buff.

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