Suspiria (1979)

Suspiria” is the psychedelic horror story of a young American girl named Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) who transfers to a prestigious¬† German ballet school that holds a dark ulterior motive, darker than teaching ballet to both boys and girls. Continue reading


Silent Night, Deadly Night


To preface this review, I aim to relate it’s history to the casual viewer and put in context the climate to which this film was received. After the success of John Carpenter’s “Halloween” followed by Sean S. Cunningham’s “Friday the 13th”, there was a huge increase in holiday based slasher films based on their profitability. In the 1980’s, this trend in horror gave rise to one of the most infamous horror films of all time: “Silent Night, Deadly Night”. Continue reading

Adventures in Telemarketing part 3-D: The Power of Prayer!

So the stipulations of “keeping” the job are as follows: You have to set one lead per day,. and you have to set two qualified leads per week. What this means is that once a day you have to set a lead. A qualified lead is a scheduled appointment that is promising for a sale. I put keeping in quotation marks because this rule is enforced very loosely; if it were enforced strictly Don Ravencroft would have nobody working for him ever. It’s impossible to get a lead everyday. Two qualified leads is more realistic but even that poses a challenge. Continue reading

Adventures in Telemarketing part 2: The Sequel!

So Wednesday comes along and I trot on down to Ravencroft Interiors to finalize the process of snagging a job. I go in and introduce myself to a bespectacled woman who is probably around 50 something but a bad looking 50 something. Port bellied, nappy hair, two teeth. Constant worried look on her face. She’s wearing a shirt with “I PRAY” written on it in the E-bay font/color.


Her's was actually black.

Continue reading

Adventures in Telemarketing Part 1: The Beginning

This is the first blog entry of a series concerning my personal experiences in that most dreaded and hated of professions — telemarketing. Names of individuals and companies have been changed to protect the guilty, and conversations are transcripts from the best of my recollection. Continue reading