Adventures in Telemarketing Part 1: The Beginning

This is the first blog entry of a series concerning my personal experiences in that most dreaded and hated of professions — telemarketing. Names of individuals and companies have been changed to protect the guilty, and conversations are transcripts from the best of my recollection.

In April of 2008 I was looking for a new job after trying my hand at being an Electrolux salesman for a few months. Electrolux paid strictly off commission and I decided I wanted a base salary so I answered an ad in the classified section looking for marketers for a home improvement company.

So I dialed the number on a lark to see what was up with this job. Red flags were immediately raised, but unfortunately ignore. Below follows our conversation:

Older Woman: Hi this is April with Ravencroft Interiors.

Me: Hi, my name is deathstalker2, I was calling in reference to your ad in the paper regarding a job opportunity.

April: Ok Mr. deathstalker2! What we are looking for is marketers to set leads for a company representative to go out on. Have you had any marketing experience before?

Me: Yes I have. I have been working with Electrolux setting my own appointments and going out on sales helping to move products to customers who can benefit best from them.

April: Ok good! Do you have reliable transportation?

Me: Yes I do!

April: That’s good, maybe you can give me a ride home some night because I don’t have a car.

Me: *in my mind* WHAT THE FUCK?

April: So can you come by Wednesday, deathstalker2, and we’ll have an interview and if you are hired we’ll go over the paper work

Me: Ok, see you then. Thanks April.

As I hung up the phone, I knew I pretty much was a shoe-in based on the criteria set forth. Glad I knew I had a job, but still I wondered what kinda place is this that the manager hires people based more on if they can provide her with transportation rather than actual skills? That question would soon be answered when I arrived at Ravencroft Interiors.

That part of my bizzare trip into Ravencroft Interiors will come in the next installment of “Adventures in Telemarketing”.


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