Adventures in Telemarketing part 5: The Marketer Strikes Back!


Tuesday night I called a lady up and this aggravating lil coloured boy answered the phone and asked who I was, I told him, and he said “I’M OUT!” and hung up. So I called back and he had it set to go straight to voicemail. I wrote down the number.

I called back last night, and got the same kid and I disguised my voice to sound like a brotha

Me: (in black person voice) Sup lil man? Let me speak to ya mamas.

Boy: She ain’t here!

Me: I know she in dare! Put huh on da phone!

Boy: *hangs up*

I call back

Boy: Hello?

Me: Boy put your mama on da phone!

Boy: Who dis?

Me: I’m da Repo man!

Boy: Who da repo man?

Me: I’mma reposess your HOUSE!

Boy: You ain’t reposessing MY HOUSE! Who is dis? Is dis Uncle Peanut?

Me (more jovial): Yeah boy, dis ya uncle peanut ! How did you know?

Boy: I recognized your voice!

Me: huh huh huh! Is ya ma there boy?

Boy: Yeah she here hold on! *going to get his mom* Mama! it’s uncle Peanut! He called up saying he da repo man and he gonna reposess our house!

Boys mama: Hey!!!

Me (in normal voice): Hello Mrs. Mentos, this is Richard from Ravenport Exteriors…….



  1. You realize that I’m gonna call you Uncle Peanut from now on, right?

  2. πŸ˜€ This story had me lmao’ing my ass off at work like a crazy person. I’m the luckiest girl in the world because I get sneak previews. Among other reasons. :-*

    • hahaha, it was one of those things where I couldn’t believe it was happening. Happenstance is awesome. And I think I’m the lucky one! :-*

  3. Now that I’ve heard the voice, this story is even funnier. You sound like you weigh 400 pounds, making Uncle Peanut’s name ironic. πŸ˜€

  4. I am so going to get fired for all this crap. I had a guy I was supposed to call back like a month ago, he was getting some estimates done, and we were going to be the last ones out there. I called and he told me “I haven’t got ’em yet” and hung up on me. Well, he made my shit list. So I called back pretty much every day since then. Most of the time I get the answering machine. I talked to his son and the son told me he had gotten the estimates done. So I called him back on like Thursday night and told him we were coming out there to put the new roof on for him on Wednesday and if he had a problem with that he needed to call us.

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