The Phone

Writing prompt from “Writing Basics” magazine for the week of June the 13th. 

This prompt asks the writer to create a story where they hear a pay phone ring outside of a restaurant.  Against your gut, you answer it and it leads to the wildest night of the writer’s life.  Disclaimer:  this story has no bearing in reality and does not necessiarly reflect the views or opinions of deathstalker2, WordPress, Facebook, CrimeCrawlers, or any of it’s owners.    Continue reading

Goodbye Writer’s Block.

So, I picked up a magazine at Barnes & Noble’s last week called “Writing Basics”, which contains tips and pointers for aspiring writers such as myself who are having a tough time with both writing and motivation.  One of things they have in there is writing prompts for everyr week for the next year.  I plan to complete all the prompts from the magazine up here on my blog starting with this weeks writing prompt, a break-up letter to writer’s block.  Continue reading