Red White and Blue (2010)

This is a nasty little movie. Red White and Blue is an independent exploitation/revenge flick about three low-lifes in Texas and the destruction the intersection of the lives causes on themselves and others. Erica (played by Buffy veteran Amanda Fuller) is a disaffected slut who sleeps with as many people as possible every night and drifts aimlessly through life. She lives in an apartment as a charity case of the owner who lets her earn her stay as a live-in housekeeper. Things change when the landlandy gives that job to someone else and Erica is forced to get a job, thanks to the kindness of her neighbor Nate (played by interesting character actor Noah Taylor). Nate obviously has taken a liking to Erica but she ignores this, telling him that she doesn’t sleep with friends. Nate watches helplessly as she sleeps with everyone else though. And then Erica’s past comes calling as one of her past flings, an aspiring musician named Franki (Marc Senter who played Ray Pye in The Lost) comes looking for her.

And then things spiral out of control. Continue reading

Black Death (2010)

What a great movie! Black Death is centered around a young monk named Osmund (Eddie Redmayne) in love during the time of the first bubonic plague who leaves his abbey to lead a group of Catholic soldiers (led by Sean Bean) sent to investigate a village whose residents have been unaffected by the plague. Ulrich (Sean Bean) believes the village to be led by a witch who has made a pact with Satan. Osmund, who was raised in the Abbey, is warned by his leader that the world out there will change him.

And yes it does. Continue reading

Book Review: “All Hallow’s Eve” by Richard Laymon

Richard Laymon is an author whom I’ve read several of his works with a mixture of eagerness and disappointment. He was a person whose talent was increasingly undermined by ALWAYS subjecting his characters to random bursts of sexual humiliation for no fucking reason at all. In The Beast House series, it’s a bit forgivable due to the plot. His masterwork, The Traveling Vampire Show contains scenes of this that, while a bit out of place, do fit the narrative. In All Hallow’s Eve, it’s as though Laymon is playing a trick, not a treat, on his readers just to see how much of his shit they are willing to put up with. Continue reading

Movie Preview: Rob Zombie’s “The Lords of Salem”.

Rob Zombie finally has a new film coming out! It’s been seven years since his last film, The Devil’s Rejects, and now after years of deliberation The Lords of Salem is set to be unleashed upon us sometime next year.

Rob has been talking about this movie since around the time Rejects came out. The original idea was that the film would center around a heavy metal act called, yes, The Lords of Salem, who would travel the US doing all the cool shit Tipper Gore thought heavy metal acts were responsible for in the 80’s. Murder, suicide, satanic rituals, etc. The coolest part was that Rob was planning to actually form an actual L.O.S. band to tour the country side in conjunction with the films release. Continue reading

“The Cellar” by Richard Laymon

(author’s note, this is another old review I’m porting over. It was originally written in January 2007)

After 25 years, “The Cellar”, Richard Laymon’s first novel in his Beast House series, finally made it’s way into paperback via Leisure Books last fall. Those of you who, like me (up until this weekend) have never read a Laymon book, or “The Cellar,” may find this a good starting point to jump in at. Continue reading

Magic Mike (2012)

Magic Mike is an uplifting romp about four homosexuals who go on journey of self-discovery through a magical world known as the Raninbow Rectoruium. The homosexuals Steve (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Bruce (Mark Ruffalo) and Clint (Jeremey Renner) first meet up at a male strip joint where they have gone to see Grace Jones in a recreation of her performance in the movie Vamp. Continue reading

“The Wicked” by James Newman

Welcome to Morganville, NC. A quaint, quiet little town. A nice place for a troubled family to gain a fresh start. Or is it? Just forget about the 66 children that died in the fire….

James Newman’s The Wicked is a fast-paced horror novel about a family facing the above situation and the soul-crushing encounters with evil that they face. The Little’s (David, his wife pregnant wife Kate, and daughter Becca) move to the small town after Kate was raped by a black man. The night before, David and Kate bumped uglies and she is pregnant. David is seriously stressed about who the baby daddy is and has some serious trepidations about the pregnancy. Kate’s Christian faith leads her to believe that David is the father, and he goes along with his wife’s wishes to keep the kid. Meanwhile, an ancient evil being named Moloch has been summoned in Morganville, and David is forced to do battle with him and possessed townspeople that ends in a dance of bullets, blood, fire, and death! Continue reading