Movie Preview: Rob Zombie’s “The Lords of Salem”.

Rob Zombie finally has a new film coming out! It’s been seven years since his last film, The Devil’s Rejects, and now after years of deliberation The Lords of Salem is set to be unleashed upon us sometime next year.

Rob has been talking about this movie since around the time Rejects came out. The original idea was that the film would center around a heavy metal act called, yes, The Lords of Salem, who would travel the US doing all the cool shit Tipper Gore thought heavy metal acts were responsible for in the 80’s. Murder, suicide, satanic rituals, etc. The coolest part was that Rob was planning to actually form an actual L.O.S. band to tour the country side in conjunction with the films release.

That overtly ambitious idea was scrapped.

Instead, Rob has changed the plot to be a bit of a mix between John Carpenter’s The Fog and Mario Bava’s Black Sunday. Evidently, some witches were wrongfully convicted by a group of puritans and one was killed at the stake and had a mask placed over her head, much like Barbara Steele’s character in Black Sunday. Present day: a radio DJ recieves a strange package containing an album to play. She plays the album and the witches return to exact their REVENGE!

As always, Rob Zombie has stacked this thing full to the brim of cult icons…as well as his wife and Christopher Knight. Take a look at this cast!

Sheri Moon Zombie – Heidi Hawthorne
Richard Lynch (RIP) – Reverend John Hawthorne
Bruce Davison – Francis Matthi
Meg Foster – Margaret Morgan
Ernest Lee Thom- – Chip “Freakshow” McDonald
Jeff Daniel Phillips – Herman “Whitey” Salvador
Ken Foree – Herman Jackson
Torsten Voges – Count Gorgann
Dee Wallace – Sonny
Billy Drago – Judge Samuel Mather
Lisa Marie – Priscilla Reed
María Conchita Alonso – Alice Matthi
Barbara Crampton – Virginia Cable
Christopher Knight – Keith “Lobster Joe” Williams
Michael Berryman – Virgil Magnus
Sid Haig – Dean Magnus
Judy Geeson – Lacy Doyle
Patricia Quinn – Megan
Daniel Roebuck – The Frankenstein Monster
Camille Keaton – Doris Von Fux
Udo Kier – Matthew Hopkins
Clint Howard – Carlo Caravaggio

Billy Drago is phenomenal and it’s cool to see him getting work again. The last thing I remember seeing him in was Takashi Miike’s Imprint, and that really wasn’t his finest hour…but still cool. He will always forever be in my heart as Bruce Campbell’s arch-nemeis John Bly on the cancelled way too soon The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr.

And it’s been even longer (20+ years) since I’ve seen Barbara Crampton in anything.  She has gotten even more attractive!  How is that possible?!?!?!

It will also be nice and refreshing to see Camille Keaton in a role where she’s not getting raped all to hell.  Yes, she was in one of Fred Vogel’s shitty movies, but that doesn’t count.  That was harsh, I haven’t seen the movie, it might actually be good.

But probably not.

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to this movie, and you are too!

Zombie showed a pretty bad ass old-school preview for it a couple months ago at a live show.  Someone was nice enough to share it with the internet and now I’m nice enough to share it with you!

And here is the music video for the original song off of the Educated Horses album.  It’s a pretty bad ass song/video and sets the stage for the plot of the film.  So cool!

Here is hoping that The Lords of Salem makes up for his last two imaginary movies that do not exist!



  1. You know I just can’t wait for this one!

  2. This sounds amazing, and your post is the first I’ve heard of it, so thanks!

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