A Different Person Now.

The feeling to lash out is ever growing
As the rage finds it’s way into the forefront
No longer backing down, no longer taking it
Pushed too hard, now pushing back
This insistence to harm inspires confidence
As I give my bones and sinew renewed purpose
Pushing on, ever forward, toward new goals
Destroying false idols, laying waste to fools
Killing the past and embracing the future
Leaving behind useless snuffed insecurities
Unfocused thoughts destroyed through psychic violence
Chains of guilt broken and cast aside
Facing the world, embracing the changes
Using rage as a tool instead of a weapon
Honing my body, controlling my mind
Chipping away the pieces that made me weak
A broken shell from where my new self crawls
A different person now.

9/6/12 — Deathstalker2


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