Mother’s Day (2010)

So I got a free Redbox rental from playing the Monopoly game at McDonald’s and so I decided to cash it in last night and I ended up renting this movie.  As a fan of the original, I was curious about this remake/re-imagining or whatever the hell you want to call it.  I popped it in after work today to give it a whirl and felt strongly enough about what I saw to write a review of it.

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Favorite scene from a Friday the 13th movie.

You’re welcome.

Great video!!!

Cinema Schminema

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors is easily my 2nd favorite of the Nightmare series (and quite honestly comes very close to beating out the original even).  Why is that?

1.  Nancy is back, beyotches!!!  Nancy and Freddy are like freaking Romeo & Juliet, star crossed lovers…or something…and not only is she back but she’s older and wiser.

2.  The entire cast is amazing.  Patricia Arquette in her first role.  Laurence Fishburne as an orderly.  Zsa Zsa Gabor!  Seriously, there is no bad in any way here acting wise.

3.  In ways it’s scarier.  It’s bad enough to know that if you fall asleep you die but add to that the social stigma of being labeled “crazy”, being in a place that will consistently sedate you so you have to sleep and the ever present threat of the padded room…it heightens everything you can fear.  I mean, hell, American…

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The Devil’s Rain (1975)

And now for something completely different….

Instead of doing a live blogging review of the century, I decided to step up the game a bit with all the high-tech peeps and do a vlog.  If people do not pick on me and hurt my feelings, I may do another one review or something.

I apologize in advance for sticking my foot in your face.

I feel another live blogging event of the century coming on.

Oh yes.  It’s going to happen.

Saturday night, we walked over to a used shit store to see if they had a copy of American Psycho (one movie I actually do not have), and sadly they do not have.  But what they did have was….THE DEVIL’S RAIN.  I watched it drunk with my gf, and neither one of us had a clue what was happening so I’mma take the plunge and watch that shit sober, live, with you, tomorrow!  We’ll see if we can’t make sense of this…odd…little movie.

Now, yes, I know you are all very excited, but this will have to wait until tomorrow.  I just wanted to get you guys PUMPED FOR THE GOOD SHIT.  YES!  Has anyone else seen this movie?

Isle of the Damned (1980)

Isle of the Damned (2008)

isleThis is pure silliness.  Isle of the Damned is a brilliant send-up of the Italian cannibal movie genre that populated the 70’s and early 80’s.  It focuses on adventurer Jack Steele searching for the legendary treasure of Marco Polo on the Cannibal Island.  Everything is done up in a faux-70’s feel, much like the Beastie Boys video of Sabotage.  All the characters wear wigs and mustaches and all the voices are dubbed over….very badly.   The effects are cheap and the lush location of the Cannibal Island is obviously the woods behind somebody’s house.  All that adds to the charm and hte film makes no bones about how cheap it is. Continue reading

Absentia (2011)

So there are these two estranged sisters, Callie and Tricia, right?  Callie, the younger, is coming to stay with pregnant Tricia to help Tricia deal with declaring her husband Daniel dead in absentia.  Daniel disappeared seven years previous and no efforts to find him were successful.  Callie had been out of her sisters life for number of years because she had been spending her time as a drug addicted transient.  However, Callie has kicked the habit, converted to Christianity and is now back to help her sister deal with this situation.  And that’s when things get really strange. Continue reading

The Jeffery Dahmer Files (2012)


This is an interesting documentary on the subject of a certain serial killer from the 90’s. I got to see this yesterday as part of the Milwaukee Film Festival at the famous Oriental Theatre, among a packed crowd. This isn’t surprising given that his crimes happened here in this town. Directed by Chris Thompson, The Jeffery Dahmer Files aims to give viewers an inside take on the life of the killer through people who knew him and were involved with his case. Continue reading

Resident Evil 6: First thoughts.

So I picked this up Tuesday night and I’m about 3 or 4 hours into it so far, and I must say that it is a return to form.  As of the week before last I hadn’t played part 5, so I scored a copy of it on the cheap and blasted through it rather quickly.  It was not a bad game, but since RE 4 came out the series has been more of an action series and much less of a horror one.

The fan backlash has been rather immense and Capcom seems to have taken this to heart in the newest entry.

I’ve been playing the Leon Kennedy campaign first because Leon is the mother fucking man. I don’t really give a shit about Chris and I have no clue who Jake is. So fuck those two for the time being. So anyways, the game feels like a nostalgia trip for part 2. I loved part 2 immensely, that and Metal Gear Solid were two of my most played video games in the PS1 era (along with Parappa the Rapper and Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain).

The game starts you off after Leon has to kill the POTUS because he got turned into a zombie. Evidently he was giving a speech at a university in a town called Twin Oaks when another C-virus epidemic took over. We’re back in classic RE2 territory here. You are dealing with REAL zombies, not just infected townsfolk, like you were in 4 and 5. You are also in a claustrophobic setting with gut munchers wanting to kill you. However, you have the firepower to deal with all the threats, unlike in RE2. And if you run out of ammo because you suck at shooting, you can press another button to use physical attacks on the brain eating bastards. Leon is a zombie asskicker and seriously brinsg the pain. He can do a bull dog that slams the zombie’s head into the ground and busts that shit open like a ripe melon on a warm summer’s day. And if they are near a wall, he can grab them by the back of the head and WHAM! slam their face right into the wall to finish them off. Zombies on the ground can be easily killed by stomping their face in. Headshots are really gory this time around, and a neat trick is to try to decapitate the zombie by shooting it in the neck until it’s head comes off in a river of red gooey goodness. Oh yes, this game is very violent.

Another thing I like about this is that you are in a town under siege like in RE2. Unlike your experiences Raccoon City though, this is way more intense. Cars explode and crash all around you, you’ll team up with other survivors barricaded in various places to hold off the zombie horde, only to watch them all get taken down and dispatched in violent ways at the hands of the undead. The tone of the game is very brutal and bleak, living up to the tag line of “No Hope Left”.

After I finish the game I’ll do a full review but I just wanted to let you guys know that this is a horror game well worth playing. It brings the atmosphere and gore that have been missing from the series for a long, long, while and I have enjoyed my time with the game a lot so far. Which isn’t to say I believe it’s perfect, some of the puzzles are really stupid and make no sense to a real life setting….but whatever. RE has always been purely in B-movie territory, so I will forgive the stupid shit for the time being and focus on the joyful noise that the music of my soul makes each time I blow a walker’s head off.

Don McKay (2009)


This is an interesting little movie.  Thomas Hayden Church stars as the title character, a lonely janitor named Don McKay.  Pining over his lost high school sweetheart Sonny (Elizabeth Shue), he one day gets a letter from her saying she is dying and wants to see him.  Like the dope he is, he goes out to see her and reconnects with a past that was probably left being just that.

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