Don McKay (2009)


This is an interesting little movie.  Thomas Hayden Church stars as the title character, a lonely janitor named Don McKay.  Pining over his lost high school sweetheart Sonny (Elizabeth Shue), he one day gets a letter from her saying she is dying and wants to see him.  Like the dope he is, he goes out to see her and reconnects with a past that was probably left being just that.

Now, I’m going to go ahead a spoil just a little bit here: this isn’t a horror movie. It’s more on the side of a black comedy/mystery film.  There is a bit of gore, but only one murder on screen.  Most of the movie hinges on lovable loser Don McKay trying to come to grips with this rather odd situation.  Faster than you can say “Don’t fuck with the babysitter”, McKay is laying pipe into his dying flame Sonny moments after reuniting.  Soon after, Sonny tells Don she wants to get married to him before she buys the farm.

Then there are picture frames which seem to be hiding something.

The film kind of falls apart in it’s final act, but it still remained interesting enough for me to not throw things at the TV.   Church does a great job as McKay.  We are not sure what to think of him as the film starts out and the film walks a line as to who is crazier him or Sonny  at first before showing us what’s going on.  Elizabeth Shue is lovely as always and does a good enough job as Sonny.  She brings a sense of desperation and deception that makes her character work but I didn’t feel it was her strongest role.  Veteran character Keith (“how’d you get the beans above the franks?”) David has a small role that seems pointless in the grand scheme of the plot.

All in all, it’s not a perfect movie but it’s good enough for me to suggest you watch it if you happen to come across it.  I watched it a couple weeks ago and it still sticks with me.  It’s an interesting character study on the nature of loneliness and how we seek replacements to fill the void left by others.  Give it a whirl.  I think you’ll like it.



  1. I just can’t see Thomas Hayden Church as anything but that goofy character he played on Wings!

  2. Sounds quirky and interesting enough to check out.

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