The Devil’s Rain (1975)

And now for something completely different….

Instead of doing a live blogging review of the century, I decided to step up the game a bit with all the high-tech peeps and do a vlog.  If people do not pick on me and hurt my feelings, I may do another one review or something.

I apologize in advance for sticking my foot in your face.



  1. LOL at “a living hell of paper mache masks.” I like the video, it’s nice to put a face and a voice to a blog.

  2. LMAO! I had to put off watching this the day you posted it and almost completely forgot about it. That was awesome, you gotta do more of these. Love the Suspiria poster and The Beyond shirt – but you probably already knew that.

    • Excellent! Thank you! I sounded like shit in this one, I should do another one so you guys can see me when I’m not sick as hell.

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