The Proposal (2012)

About a month ago, I told my girlfriends mom that I planned to buy a ring in January and if she’d be ok with that.  She of course jumped up and down repeatedly like a school girl and said “OMG OMG OMG YES YES YES YES” because, yes, I’m that awesome!   Last Friday, we went over to my girlfriends grandparents on her moms’ side for Thanksgiving.   Shortly after we arrive, Erin’s grandma gives her some jewelry as heirlooms that she wanted my girlfriend to have.  After this, my girlfriend’s mom told me that her mom wanted to speak with me.  So I walk over to her and she tells me “I heard you wanted to propose to Erin”.  I said “Yes m’am, that is correct”.  She then said gave me a very, very nice ring and asked me if I would use that.  I told her that I appreciated it but I had a ring I planned to purchase already.  I wasn’t trying to be rude, and I appreciated the offer, but I did not feel comfortable with this.  It felt like I was being tested in someway, like if I took it, it meant that I wasn’t good enough to buy a ring on my own, which is not true. Continue reading


Kill List (2011)

I have read a bit about this movie in a few horror publications over the past couple years and it was enough to get my interest up, so I Netflixed it about a month or so ago and I finally sat down and watched it this afternoon. The film is about a hitman named Jay (Niel Maskall) and his friend Gal (Micheal Smiley) who are former soldiers turned contract killers. Jay has been out of his line of work for eight months due to a job that went sour and over a double dinner date with their significant others, Gal brings Jay back into the fold with a contract for three hits. Things do not go entirely as planned. Continue reading

Grendel Omnibus vol. 1

“Oh poor heart / I was doomed from the start / Doomed to play the villain’s part…”  — Nick Cave, Up Jumped the Devil.

I just finished reading this amazing comic book and I am in love with it.  This first of four omnibuses collects the story of best selling author Hunter Rose, who moonlights as the criminal mastermind known as Grendel.   The other volumes will tell the story of Hunter’s legacy and the other people who assume the mantel of Grendel.  This is my introduction to the character and I have to say I am very impressed.  In the first story, Devil by the Deed, the story of Grendel’s life is told by reporter Christine Spar.  This story contains an overview of the entire life of Hunter Rose, starting from his youth up until his ultimate undoing. Continue reading

Sinister (2012)

I have this thing.  For lack of a better term (and being a geek) I call it my “Richie-sense”; it lets me get a feel for a movie and what my reaction to it will be long before I ever see it.  Granted, there are mishaps (it failed me miserably on Terror Toons, but for the most part it goes off without a hitch. There are times it tells me to ignore all reviews and spoilers and just go see the movie blind. For Sinister, I listened and was rewarded greatly. Continue reading

Late Night Troubles.

“Now you’re doing the waltz with your murderer”                                                                                                                                                                           – Norma Jean, “Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste”.

So Obama got re-elected.  That’s a good thing, right?  No.

Before we continue, this is not sour-grapes on my part.  This is valid, real life concerns that impact the majority of our country.

I work full-time for a small business.  With Obamacare not standing a chance at being repealed, my employer will have to foot the bill for all benefits for all full-time employees, or be forced to pay a “tax”.  Obama is the direct cause of the economic condition as well as this insurance mandate.  The business is a third-generation family owned company, and I have a feeling will close it’s doors should the burden become to big. Given the nature of the work, most employees there are full time.  Hours could be cut in some instances to stop the bleeding, or in some cases jobs entirely.

This is the exact situation most businesses are in right now  The government places too heavy a burden on them, so they either close up, lay off, cut hours, or outsource.

Knowing the financial crisis ahead, the majority of America decided not to vote for a man who has great success in the financial sector but someone who has spent more money than any other president COMBINED in his FIRST TERM.  Do you know what that means?

It means in four years the American dollar will be worthless.

The majority acquiesced to their destruction.

I have no further use for society.
Author’s note 5/27/2014:  I’ve since changed jobs, and don’t really give a damn if that place I worked for does get shut down, be it by Obamacare or their violations of Wisconsin state health codes.

The Man With the Iron Fists (2012)

In 2006, RZA and boy-wonder Eli Roth were stuck at the airport in Boston during a snowstorm. They got to talking, had dinner at Roth’s parents place (would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that event) and ended up catching their flight. During all this, RZA laid out the entire plot of a kung-fu flick he’d like to make to Eli Roth. Eli Roth decided to help him get this movie made. That movie is The Man with the Iron Fists. Continue reading