Late Night Troubles.

“Now you’re doing the waltz with your murderer”                                                                                                                                                                           – Norma Jean, “Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste”.

So Obama got re-elected.  That’s a good thing, right?  No.

Before we continue, this is not sour-grapes on my part.  This is valid, real life concerns that impact the majority of our country.

I work full-time for a small business.  With Obamacare not standing a chance at being repealed, my employer will have to foot the bill for all benefits for all full-time employees, or be forced to pay a “tax”.  Obama is the direct cause of the economic condition as well as this insurance mandate.  The business is a third-generation family owned company, and I have a feeling will close it’s doors should the burden become to big. Given the nature of the work, most employees there are full time.  Hours could be cut in some instances to stop the bleeding, or in some cases jobs entirely.

This is the exact situation most businesses are in right now  The government places too heavy a burden on them, so they either close up, lay off, cut hours, or outsource.

Knowing the financial crisis ahead, the majority of America decided not to vote for a man who has great success in the financial sector but someone who has spent more money than any other president COMBINED in his FIRST TERM.  Do you know what that means?

It means in four years the American dollar will be worthless.

The majority acquiesced to their destruction.

I have no further use for society.
Author’s note 5/27/2014:  I’ve since changed jobs, and don’t really give a damn if that place I worked for does get shut down, be it by Obamacare or their violations of Wisconsin state health codes.



  1. Too many who voted for Obama only did so in order to continue to collect welfare or stay in the country illegally.

    • The electoral vote has GOT to go. The majority made their voice heard, and were completely ignored.

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