The Proposal (2012)

About a month ago, I told my girlfriends mom that I planned to buy a ring in January and if she’d be ok with that.  She of course jumped up and down repeatedly like a school girl and said “OMG OMG OMG YES YES YES YES” because, yes, I’m that awesome!   Last Friday, we went over to my girlfriends grandparents on her moms’ side for Thanksgiving.   Shortly after we arrive, Erin’s grandma gives her some jewelry as heirlooms that she wanted my girlfriend to have.  After this, my girlfriend’s mom told me that her mom wanted to speak with me.  So I walk over to her and she tells me “I heard you wanted to propose to Erin”.  I said “Yes m’am, that is correct”.  She then said gave me a very, very nice ring and asked me if I would use that.  I told her that I appreciated it but I had a ring I planned to purchase already.  I wasn’t trying to be rude, and I appreciated the offer, but I did not feel comfortable with this.  It felt like I was being tested in someway, like if I took it, it meant that I wasn’t good enough to buy a ring on my own, which is not true.

She then pushed the issue a bit and I got the feeling that she wanted this, she wanted me to use this ring and for her granddaughter to have it.  For that reason, I took her up on it.  I spent the rest of the dinner with the ring in pocket going back and forth on “do I really want to take this ring? (I honestly liked the ring I picked out a lot and was looking forward to buying it) to “hell, I am excited!  I’ve been wanting to ask her this question for a long, long time, let’s do this!”.  I finally decided officially on the latter.

When we got home, I asked her if she wanted to go out that night to the Safe House (an amazing spy themed bar here in Milwaukee — look up YouTube videos, the place is superb).  When I first came to see Erin here in Milwaukee, it was one of the first places we went to.  So it held significance to us.  And also, I just like hanging out in there pretending that I’m James Bond.   She says that’s cool.   She goes to take a bath and I call up my mom and sis to tell them about what is happening and they both wish me luck.

During the entire evening, I have the ring in my right pants pocket, and I am freaking out checking it every few minutes to make sure that it hadn’t fallen out.  Every time I stuck my hand in there and did not feel it immediately, I started having  a panic attack.  Of course, eventually, I did find it each time.   This is another reason I wanted to do the proposal that night, in addition to the excitement, I was freaked out I’d lose the ring.

We get to the Safe House and unfortunately can not sit where we normally do, but we found another similar table, so it was fine.  We order our drinks.  I ordered a 60 oz. drink called Mission:  Impossible because, IT’S A CELEBRATION!.  I get about 10 oz. in that sucker and boy is it strong.  I then steel up my nerve.  I go around the corner and make a phone call to my homeboy Fabio to tell him I’m getting ready to do it, I toss a piss, go back to our booth, and the following transpired:

I tell her:  “When you left North Carolina after visiting me, I’d wake up in the middle of the night really missing you.  I felt lost without you.  There are nights I have dreams where I’m back home and away from you.”

At this point, I start to legitimately choke up a bit.

I continue:  “I don’t want to be anywhere you aren’t and I don’t want to be without you.”  I dropped down on my knees in front of her and pulled out the ring.  I took her hand and put the ring on it.  “Erin, will you marry me?”

The look on her face was priceless.  She was completely shocked.  She then took the ring off her right hand to switch it to the left (I had to screw up somewhere, whatever) and said “YES!  OF COURSE I’LL MARRY YOU!”.  This was followed by joyful hug and kiss.   The rest of the night was a blur.  I called up everyone I called previously, with the addition of Erin’s mom (and I also spoke with Fabio’s lovely wife!), to tell them she said yes!

All in all, it was a great night, she was surprised as hell, it was a great location with significant value in our relationship, and it was something we’ve both been wanting to do for a long time.  I gave a strong performance as the leading man and she was ravishing as always as the leading lady/femme fatale.  I screwed up on the ring placement, and I’d like to blame it on the drink, but honestly I’d do that sober.

All in all a good show and something I recommend everyone do if they are in love.

Also, I spent the following day laying on the couch feeling like death. They call that drink the Mission: Impossible because its impossible to do anything the next day!



  1. Congratulations my friend. You and Erin are awesome and deserve each other. I love the story of the ring and how you went about doing it too. The wrong hand placement adds even more character to an already awesome proposal.

  2. Awww, congratulations, honey!!! 🙂 So happy for you guys and love the story!

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