Batman / Grendel (Collected Edition, 2008)


This was a pretty neat opportunity given to Grendel creator Matt Wagner. He was able to take his independent comic book character Grendel and pit him against none other than Batman. As Wagner says in the sketchbook afterword in this collected version, it took a few years to get the rights together but it was worth it. The first part of the story came out in 1993 and had a bored Hunter Rose (the original Grendel, who I wrote a review of here) go out to Gotham City to amuse himself by fighting Batman and causing some mayhem along the way. Continue reading

The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 (2012)


Not to be confused with the live action finale in Nolan’s trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, this is the first half of an animated adaptation of Frank Millers series/graphic novel from 1986.  The story is that Bruce Wayne is now 55 years old and has retired from being Batman after the death of Jason Todd (the second Robin).  However, reality dictates dire circumstances for the World’s Greatest Detective’s beloved city and thus our square jawed vigilante dons the cape and cowl to deal out some justice! Continue reading

Django Unchained (2012)


Quentin Tarantino gave us a new movie for Christmas (he did this once before with Jackie Brown)  last year, bless his heart.  It’s a western movie called Django Unchained.  It’s been obvious from Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds that Quentin has had an itch up his ass to do a western and this is it.  I finally got to see this movie this past weekend (I’m a little late on the draw) and my feelings are mixed but mostly positive. Continue reading

Excision (2012)


Of the many accolades this film has accumulated over the past year “Feel Good Movie of the Year” has not been one of them.  I had not heard of this movie (I’ve really been out of the horror loop for a while) until fellow blogger JP Thorn sent me a text of it’s poster while I was at the Born of Osiris concert back in October.  The cover enticed me.  It looked like some kinda baroque period piece.

It is not. Continue reading