The Lords of Salem (Novel)

salem book

I was so excited to finally see this movie, and the anticipation was killing me so bad that I pre-ordered this novelization on my Kindle a couple of weeks before it’s release date. Rob Zombie has said that it expands upon the movie and the two compliment each other. Not having yet seen the film I can not comment on the truth of that statement. What I can say is that I hope the movie is better than the book. Continue reading

Dredd (2012)


Welcome to Mega City One!  Spanning from Boston to Washington D.C., it is populated by poverty stricken drug addicts who live as tenants in high rise buildings that have popped up all over the sprawl.  This is the future.  There is no more Constitution.  There are only Judges.  They are cops with the power to enact sentencing and executions on the spot.  This film focuses on one Judge in particular, Judge Dredd! Continue reading

“Apparition” by Michaelbrent Collings


A couple months ago I finally got a Kindle for the sole purpose of reading lots of horror novels on the cheap. Apparition is one of the first books I picked up on my new purchase. I didn’t think I would like an e-reader as much as I would reading an actual book, but call me a convert, I am in love with my Kindle. This book made me glad I made the decision to pick one up.

Apparition tells the story of a father (Shane) and his two children (Matthew, age 6, and Ella, 14) who are trying to put the pieces of their life back together after their wife/mother Kari (in a seemingly fit of insanity) tries to kill Ella in her sleep, before killing herself to stop the assault. That’s how it appears to Kari’s family. In truth, Kari was being possessed by a demonic entity and stabs herself in a last ditch effort to keep her unwilling body from hurting her children anymore. Continue reading