The Lords of Salem (Novel)

salem book

I was so excited to finally see this movie, and the anticipation was killing me so bad that I pre-ordered this novelization on my Kindle a couple of weeks before it’s release date. Rob Zombie has said that it expands upon the movie and the two compliment each other. Not having yet seen the film I can not comment on the truth of that statement. What I can say is that I hope the movie is better than the book.

I’m not usually overly critical of things but the book seems like a cheap cash-in attempt to get a bit of extra money. I have an ear (or eye in this case) for Zombie’s dialogue and his wife’s delivery of it enough to know that what we have here is B.K. Evenson simply writing a description of the film, and lifting dialogue straight from it. Sure, you get some insight into the characters heads, but not enough to justify a novelization, and I’m pretty sure all this can be easily inferred from watching the film.

With that said, the part we’ve seen from promotional pics of Sherri Moon Zombie’s face-painting is not in the book, nor the goat riding. So I can not fairly say what is and isn’t the same at this point.

From reading the book, I’m sure the movie is going to be amazing to watch with some truly hallucinogenic imagery, and it’s a shame that it has been so poorly translated into a book. Or at least I am hoping that it is poorly translated because I don’t want the movie to suck.



  1. I am so looking forward to this movie! Also, I did not know novelizations were still a thing, and now that I know I will be keeping a look out for others. I remember when I used to pick them up and read them in the bookstore at the mall when I was too young to watch horror movies; my dad would always take about an hour picking out books for himself so I’d be off secretly reading a forbidden movie!

    • The only novelization I ever read before this one was one for the video game “The 7Th Guest”. I only read it because I -REALLY- wanted to play the game but did not have a PC at the time. It was really good. A month later my dad bought me a PC.

      And that game is still a classic.

      • And I had no idea there were video game novelizations. I should get some of those for my kid to get him to read more often.

  2. Now you got me thinking twice about whether or not I should bother reading the novel. I enjoyed the movie so much I don’t want the experienced ruined by a bad novelisation. It did sort of smell like a cash grab from the very beginning. Hopefully you enjoy the movie a lot more. As you know, I really loved it.

    • Yeah, I honestly wouldn’t bother with. I stopped reading “The Red Church” by Scott Nicholson to read this one. I regret that.

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