The Lords of Salem (2012)

lords of salem2

It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since Rob Zombie’s first film, House of 1000 Corpses was released.   Since that time Rob Zombie has released four other films of varying quality.  It’s because of the flaws of those films that a critical backlash has erupted towards Zombie’s film work.  As much as I love his first two movies, I have to admit, the writing is severely limited.  All of them have suffered from white-trash characters spouting obscenities.  Seemingly, this film is a rebuttal to those critics who said Rob Zombie was limited to hicksploitation.  Continue reading


The Mariner by Ade Grant

the mariner
The plot of this amazing book, in a nutshell, is that in a post-apocalyptic future a psychopathic alcoholic who suffers from twisted sexual fantasies is the captain of a haunted boat filled that is filled with the ghosts of dead slaves while searching for answers as to why the world has gone mad.  On his ship, the Neptune, he has his crew:  Grace, the Tasmanian devil, and her twelve offspring.   This is a hero’s quest, but without a hero.  Just a broken shell of a man who is lost at sea and trying to keep his demons at bay through drinking and self-flagellation.  The sad man with haunted eyes traverses the remains of a world gone mad with the singular thought that he can fix things if he just finds someone called The Oracle.

Yes, this story is as bizarre as it sounds. Continue reading

The Pyramid Gallery


A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me a link to one of the greatest Hellraiser websites: The Pyramid Gallery. It’s a Hellraiser fan-site, set up for a fictional art gallery in NY that features the work of Phillip LeMarchand. It comes pre-packaged it’s own fictional (maybe) universe with a variety of alternative puzzle boxes, each complete with a story behind it’s creation. The main story line focuses on LaMarchand himself, and the legacy of evil he has wrought. It’s a fascinating fan-made mythology that treats the franchise with the care and respect it deserves (i.e. it eschews Hellraiser parts 3 – Revelations from being part of it’s myths). Continue reading

Evil Dead (2013)


When I first heard that the stripper who wrote Juno and Jennifer’s Body was on-board for the Evil Dead remake I was more than a little pissed off.  It’s not that Diablo Cody isn’t talented, or that I hate her work.  I enjoyed Juno and thought Jennifer’s Body was a funny movie. My only two complaints for the latter film is that the ending sucked and we never saw Jennifer’s body.  I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for the Evil Dead re-make once the description came out:  a drug addicted girl has intervention run on her by her friends at the infamous cabin in the woods.  Then they started talking about how it was going to be like The Shining and a whole bunch of other B.S. and I gave up hope.  Also there was not going to be an “Ash”.

Then that red band trailer came out bitch-slapped that opinion right out of my mind. Continue reading