The Pyramid Gallery


A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me a link to one of the greatest Hellraiser websites: The Pyramid Gallery. It’s a Hellraiser fan-site, set up for a fictional art gallery in NY that features the work of Phillip LeMarchand. It comes pre-packaged it’s own fictional (maybe) universe with a variety of alternative puzzle boxes, each complete with a story behind it’s creation. The main story line focuses on LaMarchand himself, and the legacy of evil he has wrought. It’s a fascinating fan-made mythology that treats the franchise with the care and respect it deserves (i.e. it eschews Hellraiser parts 3 – Revelations from being part of it’s myths).

Perhaps one of the coolest things about the site is that it has some of it’s boxes for sale. Now, don’t buy one expecting it to be a portal to hell, but some of them do play music, and all look fantastic.  Take this one for example:

One evening, while browsing the site, one of the boxes really struck me. It was called Loves Easy Tears. The storyline is that it is made from the bones of a woman who spurned LaMarchand’s marriage proposal, and opening it required the panels be manipulated in the order the bones were broken. I thought the idea was rather beautifully evil, and I came up with an idea for a short story based on it, and incorporating a personal experience. To make sure that it’d be okay with it’s creator to do so, I contacted the Assistant Gallery Administrator, Max Lichtor, to ask if he would mind me using some of his photographs of the box in the story. He gave me his blessing and I published the story here few years ago.

Last week Mr. Lichtor contacted me again and asked if it’d be okay for him to publish my work on the Pyramid Gallery’s website.  I was very flattered that someone whose work I admired so much would consider it worthy of being part of the story he and others are crafting.  I of course, said yes.  You can see it alongside the original LaMarchand story on the Loves Easy Tear’s page.  Max has put a lot of time and effort over the years to keep the place going.  There have been, and are, a lot of Hellraiser sites over the years, but Pyramid Gallery is hands down one of the best.  Quite a few sites have fallen by the wayside because the people running them become bored with the endeavor, or just loose interest in the subject, so it’s refreshing to see such creativity still flourishing.  It is something that I am proud to have a small part in and I’d like you all to stop by there sometime.

You’ll find yourself among friends.


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