DOUBLE REVIEW: “Seeker” and “Zigglyumph and Other Poems” by Ade Grant


My loyal readers: I love you all so much I’m going to give you more bang for your buck this time around with a double shot of (mostly) awesome  in a DOUBLE REVIEW of writer Ade Grant!

Remember my review of The Mariner from last month? Well, after being so impressed by it, I went ahead and purchased the other two works available on Kindle by author Ade Grant. Last week I finally got around the reading them and while I wasn’t as impressed by them as I was by The Mariner, I did enjoy them, and see the promise of a bold new voice in horror. Continue reading

Pins by Jessica McHugh

Eva “Birdie” Finch is a 21 year old slacker, wandering from job to job in her small town.  Wanting to fund her expensive drug habit with the least amount of work necessary, she decides on a whim to audition to be a stripper at a gentleman’s club/bowling alley combo named “PINS”.  During her tenure as an exotic dancer there are a couple murders that put a serious damper on the life of our devil-may-care heroine that forces her to do some serious soul-searching as she jumps from one boyfriend to a new love interest, and is forced to examine her possible bi-sexuality when she starts to fall for a fellow dancer named Honey. Continue reading