DOUBLE REVIEW: “Seeker” and “Zigglyumph and Other Poems” by Ade Grant


My loyal readers: I love you all so much I’m going to give you more bang for your buck this time around with a double shot of (mostly) awesome  in a DOUBLE REVIEW of writer Ade Grant!

Remember my review of The Mariner from last month? Well, after being so impressed by it, I went ahead and purchased the other two works available on Kindle by author Ade Grant. Last week I finally got around the reading them and while I wasn’t as impressed by them as I was by The Mariner, I did enjoy them, and see the promise of a bold new voice in horror.

adegrantSeeker is collection short stories written before 2012 by Grant. The first story, Seeker is about a man adrift after the death of his wife
and roams the world looking for the mythical Lucifer’s Table, hoping to make a deal with the Dark Lord to bring his wife back. Three Ghosts is a strange little Christmas story about a doctor and his spoiled daughter that is the highlight of the collection, even if I felt a bit let down by it’s ending. The Abortionist is a gritty little story about an assassin who chooses his hits based on a certain age range. Next up, is Sausages, a very odd tale of domestic abuse that I didn’t particularly care for. Next up is perhaps the most complete work in the collection, The Secret Junction about an American cabbie in Bangkok who discovers a short cut  that eventually leads him down a road of corruption.

I found the stories to be a bit hit and miss, as you probably have gathered. After feasting on The Mariner and left wanting more, I found Ade threw these little bits of scraps out to us. If he put a few more stories in with the collection, and fleshed some parts of others out, I believe we’d have this generations version of The Books of Blood. As it stands, it’s an interesting snapshot of a very talented writer just reaching his peak before delivering on the promises of his talent in his debut novel. If you read The Mariner and find yourself wanting something just as strange and wonderful you will find quite a bit to like here.


Zigglymph and Other Poems is an interesting beast.  It’s (obviously) a collection of poems Grant didn’t know exactly what do with and has had trouble marketing but he put it out there anyways and I’m thankful he did because it’s pretty damned funny.  Each poem tells a little story which run the gamut from serious to scary.  In one poem we have a person who wants to commit a murder in order to impress an internet forum for killers only to find himself the victim.  One of my favorites from the collection has an occupy Wall St. type movement of snowmen who want their “fair share” of what other people have only to find that they are unable to survive in warm homes (I feel Ade is getting at the fact that those who want what other people have would be unable to survive living the productive lives that lead to luxury of things rightfully earned — but I could be very wrong).  Grant pokes fun at himself and his writings in the denouement that had me cracking up.  I was drunk when I read this collection (thanks Junior Johnson Moonshine) and had a blast throughout.  Grant’s a pretty funny guy, and a well-spring of refreshing creative energy.  I can’t wait to see what the crazy bastard does next.




  1. Because of you, I’m super stoked to read THE MARINER.

  2. […] While I slowly tap away at the various short stories that are in the works (as well as the long slog that is my next novel), various reviews continue to roll in. The most notable being on the horror blog “The Mind Of Madness“, a link to which you can permanently find in the side bar. The author, Richard Langston, has also reviewed Zigglyumph & Seeker so I urge you to head on over and take a look. […]

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