“The Sky: The World” by Jessica McHugh


The Sky: The World takes place in an alternative history of the early 1800’s in which an enigmatic person named Doctor Azaz has given humanity progress beyond that of it’s own time period. Locked up in his ivory tower and having no interaction with the outside world, he still commands an almost God-like presence over the world. Azaz has created birthing pools in which fertile women bathe in to be born with the perfect children. Child-bearing through normal means is largely a thing of the past. The most famous of Azaz’s gifts to humanity is aviation. Jack and Toby Racine are two of London’s most famous pilots, and both are triaps: children born through regular pro-creation. After Toby dies in a plane crash seemingly caused by flying high, Jack is left to pick up the pieces and cope with his brothers death. Spending his time in women and laudanum, Jack is a man who lives to excess, fearing he is treading the same path as his alcoholic father. When he is recruited by Azaz to fly a top-secret mission, he begins to question what happened with his brother and may even find a way to become a better man. Continue reading


Grendel Omnibus Vol. 2: The Legacy


The twisted saga of Hunter Rose’s legacy carries on in this volume, telling the story of Hunter’s grand-daughter Christine Spar and the lives she inadvertently shatters.  The collection starts off with the story “Devil’s Child” which expands upon Hunter’s adopted daughter Stacy Palumbo’s time in the psych ward after his passing.  My first thoughts when reading it was how jarring it was to see a full color Grendel comic.  The Hunter Rose stories were trademarked in three colors:  red, white, and black.  That has been left behind in these stories and the results is a mixed bag.  In this one, however, the choice works.  It’s a moody, claustrophobic tale that is probably the most disturbing Grendel story. Continue reading