Hell Comes to Hollywood


This really cool anthology collects 20 short stories written by Hollywood insiders at various points during their career — be they screenwriters or producers — all centering around murder and mayhem in the world of Tinseltown.   The collective onslaught of carnage reminded me quite a bit of Tales from the Crypt (it’s no wonder they have a Crypt Keeper expy on the cover), and I’m not saying this as  a bad thing.  I like Tales from the Crypt, and if you don’t then you’re no friend of mine. Continue reading

The Pizza Man

I wrote a flash fiction story for you guys.  Enjoy this tasty little treat that I call…..



What was supposed to be a routine pizza delivery turned out to be the worst and last night of Chris Haye’s life. He neared the house on the outskirts of town to deliver a pepperoni deluxe special while wondering when his big break in life would come. As he neared the front steps he noticed a barrage of pizza boxes from different mom and pop places as well as major chains strewn around the porch. “He must really like pizza”, Chris thought. He extended his pointer finger to press the doorbell, but as soon as his first digit made contact with the little black button, the front door opened. Continue reading

“The Exorcist: 40th Anniversary Edition” by William Peter Blatty


I’m just going to jump into the deep end here and start the review because if you are unfamiliar with the story by this point you really don’t belong here. So yes, I am a little late on the draw in finally reading this book. I had the old 70’s paperback I bought in a used book store when I was a kid, and I read quite a bit of it, but never to completion due to a short attention span. And after finally finishing the book, I was really taken aback that I had not done this sooner. Continue reading