The Pizza Man

I wrote a flash fiction story for you guys.  Enjoy this tasty little treat that I call…..



What was supposed to be a routine pizza delivery turned out to be the worst and last night of Chris Haye’s life. He neared the house on the outskirts of town to deliver a pepperoni deluxe special while wondering when his big break in life would come. As he neared the front steps he noticed a barrage of pizza boxes from different mom and pop places as well as major chains strewn around the porch. “He must really like pizza”, Chris thought. He extended his pointer finger to press the doorbell, but as soon as his first digit made contact with the little black button, the front door opened.

A huge Mexican stood in the doorway. Chris didn’t have time to react to pipe that hit him in the head, knocking him out cold. As he awoke in the dark room, he noticed other bodies around him, but could not see them. He noticed that both sides of his chest hurt with searing pain and it was at that moment the Mexican opened the door, holding a slice of pizza. With the light from the newly opened door, Chris noticed three things: his there were five other bodies with him in the room (four male, one female), all with their shirts cut open and nipples cut off. As he looked down at his chest he realized where the pain was coming from, and then up at the pizza slice the Mexican was holding. The Mexican laughed as Chris fainted when he realized the missing nipples had been turned into a topping.


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  1. Fun story!

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