So, I’m not really into pop music.

However, a couple weeks ago that changed just a little bit.  There was some personal issues going on keeping me awake, so I camped out in the living room for a bit and streamed some Universal Monster movies from Netflix and tried to pass out for a bit before I had to get up for work.  No dice.  So I promptly stole my fiancee’s car (she was still asleep) and headed out to the gym at 4 a.m.

Driving on the way back home on an early morning in late July through the abandoned Wisconsin streets with the windows down and music playing, battling my inner-demons, I heard this song:

My mind was blown by how good this song is.  This girl has actual talent and amazing vocals.  It was a very unexpected moment and left me perplexed that I could like a pop song, which I give as credit to Lorde’s talent.  The non-materialistic themes of the song struck a chord with me.  I’ve always prided myself on focusing on the more important things in life and being an outsider (even if it is self-styled and I’m a hypocrite about both those things at times).  Thinking she could just be a one-hit wonder, I looked her up on YouTube to find more of her songs.  And I was pleasantly surprised that that was not the case at all.

I like the way she looks like a freaky possessed woman in that video.

I did some googling research to find out more about this young lady and found out that she is 16 years old and from New Zealand.  I am impressed by her talent at such a young age and her locale explains her non-traditional music focus on things that matter (i.e. non American mainstream).  She has her whole life ahead of her and it will be interesting to see how she fares with her new found fame.  Hopefully she won’t lose her sense of self in the shuffle of her new found lifestyle.  We need good music in this world, and I hope she brings it to us.   It doesn’t help that she’s selling herself on her music and not her body.  I hope she keeps creative control over her image and career so that that will not be tarnished.

And yeah, she sounds just as good live as she does recorded.  Check out this live performance of Royals.  The guy on the drums is the unsung hero here.


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