The Crow: Skinning the Wolves


I remember back in my high school days, around the time The Crow: City of Angels came out, reading an interview with The Crow creator James O’Barr where he spoke about how the franchise wasn’t Star Trek and how he felt it couldn’t continue on forever. Flash forward almost 20 years and O’Barr returns to pen this quickie cash grab that is unsuitable in every way for The Crow name. Continue reading

Pacific Rim (2013)


This is a movie for over-caffeinated video game players who grew up on Godzilla films.  If that sounds like you, welcome to your new favorite movie.  The story of Pacific Rim is that one day giant monsters appear out of an inter-dimension portal in the Pacific ocean and start attacking the Earth.  The creatures are dubbed “kaijus” (the film is heavy handed in it’s love for the genre) whose apparence and fire breathing/acid spitting destructive ways leaves humanity with no choice but to fight back in the most natural way possible:  building giant robots called Jaegers to combat them. Continue reading

The Conjuring (2013)


I had the pleasure of finally seeing James Wan’s The Conjuring this past weekend.  It was a film that struck me from it’s previews as being worth a watch, and the buzz after it’s release had me greatly intrigued, but I was still on the fences as to if it’d be as good as I had heard.  By the time came for the closing credits the film had greatly assured me that yes, it was worthy of the hype. Continue reading

The Collection (2012)


The Collector returns to slice and dice quite a few people in this very entertaining follow up to his 2010 outing in the eponymous named prequel. I first watched the original a couple years ago on HBO and thought it was a cool premise, but thought it’d just be a one shot. Thankfully, I was wrong, and thus we get The Collection! The film picks up where the first left off with our anti-hero thief Arkin (Josh Stewart) being kidnapped by the Collector. After making his escape during a rather brutal opening sequence in which an entire club full of people is laid to waste, he is targeted by mercenaries hired to take the Collector down! Continue reading