Halloween 35th Anniversary Edition


If you’re a horror fan with a blu-ray player, you should treat yourself to this new HD restored print of our beloved classic on our favorite holiday. The print is absolutely beautiful and you’ll notice details that you’ve never seen before while watching it. Director of photography Dean Cundey supervised the transfer himself after being not so pleased with the coloring on past editions and from what I can tell they did an outstanding job. The HD transfer’s quality is apparent as the famous pumpkin from the opening sequence looks like it’s actually sitting in your TV. Continue reading

Catching up.


If you’ve been wondering what happened to the October Horror Movie a Day series I’ve been doing, the computer died a couple weeks ago and I just got it back last night. Unfortunately, that means you guys have missed out on a quite a few review for the Horror Movie a Day listing. Basically just to catch up a bit, here’s a list and a brief rundown of what I’ve been watching: Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D 15: Maniac (2012)


In 1980, William Lustig unleashed the unflinching splatter epic Maniac, much to the dismay of yuppie mothers everywhere.  The downbeat subject matter and scenes of intense gore done by maestro Tom Savini gave the film a sense of realism that most slasher films didn’t have.  For it’s time it was unprecedented.  Last year, remake king Alexandre Aja put into works a remake to be directed by his friend Franck Khalfoun and starring Elijah Wood in the titular role made famous by Joe Spinell.  And you know what?  They did something that really stays true to the original, while updating it enough for modern times. Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D. 14: Candyman (1994)


Based loosely on the urban legend if you say “Biggie Smalls” three times in a mirror it will summon the ghost of Chris Wallace, Candyman is an urban-gothic tragedy romance horror flick.  I’m sure we’ve all seen this one before so I’m not going to get into a whole lot here, just going to share some thoughts and hit the high notes. Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D. 13: Waxwork (1988)

waxwork poster

What a great movie and a perfect choice for the horror movie a day challenge!  We’ve got Zack Galligan (Gremlins) teaming up with Patrick Macnee (TV’s The Avengers and The Howling) to fight David Warner’s (The Omen and Tron) evil waxwork creations in this awesome piece of 80’s cheese.  A couple of college girls are on their way to class when David Warner invites them to bring four friends to see a midnight tour of his creations.  They, of course, take him up on it and two end up getting killed.  You see, when you step across the rope and into the attraction, you actually end up being a character in that world (i.e. a horny girl getting sucked to death by Dracula). Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D. 12: A Horrible Way to Die (2010)


I’ll fully acknowledge the blurbs on this poster are highly generic and given their sources they are to be inherently distrusted, but listen to me when I tell you that this is a good movie.  Garrick Turell is a convicted serial who has recently broken out of jail and is on a quest to get back to his ex-girlfriend Sarah (Amy Seimetz, The Killing and You’re Next).  Sarah has moved to a new town to start a fresh life after having turned Garrick in.  A Horrible Way to Die tells their individual stories as they find their way back into each others lives.  Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D. 11: Zombi: Dawn of the Dead (1978)

dawn of the dead

This is the Italian/European edit Argento made for that market after pitching a deal with Romero he could do that in exchange for helping to finance the film. And his cut, I have to say, is much better. What we have here is a film with a tighter pace, better music, and an important piece of dialogue missing from the theatrical version.  Argento really shows his chops as an editor and makes this feel like a different experience than Romero’s. Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D. 10: Here Comes the Devil (2012)


I was lucky enough to get to see this movie last night as part of the Milwaukee Film Fest.  I have to admit that I didn’t really know a lot about the film beforehand, other than hearing little bits about it here and there on various websites.   The synopsis seemed cool, so my fiancee and I decided it’d be part of the films we see this year.  The story centers on a young Mexican couple who lose their children after they go off wandering near a cave.  The next day, the children come back, but something terrible has happened and the film spends the rest of the time with the parents trying to figure out just what their children have gone through Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D. 9: The Comeback (1978)

The Comeback

Groove on this:  Nick Cooper is a 70’s singer who has been out of the scene for a few years due to his nagging wife.  Now that he’s got a divorce, his agent has set him up in an estate to start up some new recordings and get his head straight.  The place is watched over by the elderly and creepy Mr. and Mrs. B. who seem hospitable enough but something is off.  Meanwhile, Nick’s ex-wife is brutally murdered by a strangely dressed cross-dresser.  Someone is toying with Nick and trying to derail THE COMEBACK. Continue reading

O.H.M.A.D. 8: Mr. Boogedy (1986) / Bride of Boogedy (1987)


These two will bring back some fond memories for a lot of you.  Premiering as part of the Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color during it’s 30th season, it really made an impact on me as a kid.  Mr. Boogedy is about the Davis family who moves into the delightful little town of Lucifer Falls and into their new home.  Upon their arrival, they are greeted by the spooky realtor Neil Whitherspoon (John Astin, The Addams Family, The Frighteners) who tries to warn them that the house is haunted.  But head of the house Carleton (Richard Masur from John Carpenter’s The Thing, Stephen King’s It) is the owner of the novelty store Gag City and feels a trick is getting played on his family.  You can’t trick a trickster!   But things get too strange and the kids start doing some investigating to find out what’s going on and they come face to face with the evil Mr. Boogedy! Continue reading