O.H.M.A.D. 9: The Comeback (1978)

The Comeback

Groove on this:  Nick Cooper is a 70’s singer who has been out of the scene for a few years due to his nagging wife.  Now that he’s got a divorce, his agent has set him up in an estate to start up some new recordings and get his head straight.  The place is watched over by the elderly and creepy Mr. and Mrs. B. who seem hospitable enough but something is off.  Meanwhile, Nick’s ex-wife is brutally murdered by a strangely dressed cross-dresser.  Someone is toying with Nick and trying to derail THE COMEBACK.

the-comeback-im01British cult director Pete Walker (The House of Whipcord) does up this lil ditty with a pretty steady hand.  There is some slow parts, but the performances are strong and Jack Jones is a good enough actor to bring believablity to the role.  You can tell from his haircut and the way he carries himself that this is a guy who knows what’s up.  He’s a likeable enough guy going through a tough spot and so the viewer is put rather firmly on his side.   The fun of the story lies in watching it unfold.  It’s like Deep Red-lite; the music and style isn’t there but the story and performances are solid enough to keep the viewers interest.

Pete Walker is one whom I haven’t seen a lot of his work other than this and The House of Whipcord, and it makes me wonder why his reputation isn’t stronger among horror fans.  Those two films aren’t the best, but I’ve seen much worse films develop cult followings so whatever.

I don’t really have a lot to say on this one other than it’s worth seeking out, it’s currently available on Netflix and Amazon streaming if you wanna check it out.



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