We Are What We Are (2010)


This is a movie about a cannibal family struggling to survive after their patriarch drops dead after apparently being poisoned by one of the ladies of the night he frequents.  Him being the bread winner by his watching fixing stand at the local flea market, as well as the flesh winner by going out and capturing food sources has left his widow and three children in a bit of a mess.  Evidently, he didn’t teach them how to do this themselves, because they are absolutely terrible.  After they loose their stand at the flea market because the hot headed brother Julian punches a customer in the face, they are really in dire straights since their mom is a non-working basket case that sits in her room and cries helplessly after her husbands death. Continue reading

Observe and Report (2009)


“I do it, so other people can sleep well at night, meanwhile, I’m up all night fighting demons, just screaming bloody murder, waking up with nosebleeds, night terrors, finding myself a mile from home with bloody feet and a gun in my hand I have no idea how I got there, but pound for pound, I’d say there’s not one human being in this mall that deserves this coffee as much as myself. ” — Ronnie Barnhardt

Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogan), head of mall security, is a man with a dream.  A dream to become a police officer.   As head of mall security, he’s a big fish in a small pond and is hoping to leap out to better things.   There are some problems with this though:  Ronnie is a bi-polar that lives with his alcoholic mother and suffers from serious delusions of grandeur.  When a flasher begins appearing on his turf, Ronnie makes it a personal mission to validate his worth by bringing him to justice, and impressing the make-up counter girl/victim Brandi (Anna Faris). Continue reading

Thor: The Dark World (2013)



Thor comes back to kick some dark elf butt in his second solo film! Fresh off the heels of The Avengers, the film opens up with us seeing Thor on the battlefield quelling a small rebellion with a single thrust of his mighty hammer while his evil brother Loki is being locked up in an Asgardian booty house.  Meanwhile, a dark elf who lost a battle to Thor’s grandfather comes back to finish what he started by plunging the world into darkness.  Dire circumstances force Thor and Loki into trusting each other to battle a common enemy. Continue reading