We Are What We Are (2010)


This is a movie about a cannibal family struggling to survive after their patriarch drops dead after apparently being poisoned by one of the ladies of the night he frequents.  Him being the bread winner by his watching fixing stand at the local flea market, as well as the flesh winner by going out and capturing food sources has left his widow and three children in a bit of a mess.  Evidently, he didn’t teach them how to do this themselves, because they are absolutely terrible.  After they loose their stand at the flea market because the hot headed brother Julian punches a customer in the face, they are really in dire straights since their mom is a non-working basket case that sits in her room and cries helplessly after her husbands death.


we_are_09The children then figure out it’s up to them to survive and perform the “ritual” — obtaining a live specimen to eat.  Julian and Alfredo butt heads while their younger sister tries to keep them in line.  It’s a bit of an Ender’s Game type situation between the siblings where they are all the same, yet different, but it’s the youngest sister Sabrina who is in control (and seems to have an incestuous relationship with Julian).

How do they go about securing food?  You’d think they’d find a lone person wandering the streets and take them without any witnesses — that’d be sensible right?  I mean, we’ve all seen crime shows on TV and know the best way to not get caught is to avoid as many witnesses as possible.  So that’s what you’d expect from these guys, especially in a horror film made in 2010.

Subverting this expectation, the brothers go up to a group of kids packed 15 deep and try to abscond with one of them.  This of course doesn’t go to well, and they get their asses kicked by a bunch of kids who chase them off.  They then decide to grab a prostitute from the part of town where all the working girls are.  Sounds easy enough, we’ve all played Grand Theft Auto, and know you simply give her money and let her enter the car.  However, she won’t do that with both of the brothers in the car without being paid extra.  So of course, the brothers jump out of the car and grab her in the middle of the busy street with 10 – 12 other working girls looking on their car and license plate.

To be fair, none of the concubines are smart either, as they don’t think about memorizing, writing down, or taking photos of the plates with their smart phones.  Thankfully, the women are given a chance for redemption at this when the boys mother brings the dead whores body back to them later, in the same car, sits it out on the side of the street and yells at them not to mess with her or her boys.

This leads to pretty much most of the family being killed.

we_are_04_cropWe’ve all seen a lot of cannibal/killer family movies by this point, and all of them have moments where the characters will say or do something goofy, but all of them have been capable of getting the job done.  This film subverts all those expectations by sitting us down with a family that can’t do ANYTHING right.  They are bullheadedly stupid in ways that no sensible person would be.

I’m not sure what the point of this movie is, or why more people haven’t picked up on how stupid it is.  From the reviews I’ve read the complaints come from the ambiguity/vacancy of some plot details, and not the mental defectiveness of the characters.  It’s a well directed and acted movie but the writing is absolutely terrible and the characters are so blatantly stupid that it took me right out of the film.  And this is a shame because there are some good moments in the film.  Hopefully the recent remake of this does better with the material than this one.



  1. I avoided the spoiler section just in case. Might still give this one a shot some day.

    • Well watch it soon so you can read the review cause it’s pretty hilarious!

      • Will do!

      • Or you can just read the review and save 80 minutes and watch the remake instead (which I hear is better!)

      • Thanks for the tip! Think I’ll do just that.

      • Just read the full review. Sounds like it’s more of a goofy, slap-stick comedy than anything else. Thank you for saving me time…lol

      • It’s done absolutely serious though, with no sense of humor. It’s goofy.

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