Goblin LIVE at Turner Hall Ballroom 12/1/13


This was an amazing, once in a lifetime event that I was fortunate enough to attend. Goblin, for those who do not know, did the landmark music scores for Dawn of the Dead, Suspiria, Tenebrae, and Deep Red. They have also done music for other films as well as a few records of their own. I am a big fan of all those movies and really love their music and was stunned to hear they were doing a North American tour and were stopping by Milwaukee as part of it.

Turner Hall Ballroom is a great venue for them, it’s not too big and has a spooky ambiance about it that added to the atmosphere of the show. The place is falling apart and there are nets on the ceiling to catch falling debris so people won’t die and after Goblin got done rocking the place I’m not sure how much life the roof has left in it. Opening up for Goblin was the band Zombi whom I have heard a few tracks from. They do ambient groove music that sounds like it belongs in the same type of films Goblin were featured in. Quite a few tracks would have fit in nicely in Escape from New York. Very talented band and if you are a fan of this style of music you should check some of their stuff out.

After Zombi got done warming us up, Goblin took the stage. A vexing long haired woman took center stage and began twirling around hypnotically. The band started playing while she danced and it was a great way to open the show! For the first half, the band played stuff off of their albums like Backtothegoblin and Roller. Then they busted out a medley of their music from Dawn of the Dead while a montage of scenes played from the film. They then went on to do tracks from Tenebre, Deep Red, Sleepless, and a medley of the Suspiria soundtrack. The latter was done while the Goblin dancer gyrated on stage before getting shy and leaving. She should have stayed out there for the whole thing as it added a lot to the performance, but whatever. Little things.

goblin ballerina

After this, they told us “Good night, people of Milwaukee. Thank you to the max!” and left the stage. We of course, wanted an encore, and they obliged by playing another track from Dawn of the Dead. 

It was a great show that I enjoyed very much, both as a music fan and a horror fan.  I was totally geeking out especially during the Suspiria and Dawn of the Dead segments.  If you get a chance to see them during this tour, DO SO.  It is highly unlikely you will get this opportunity to do so again and as a horror fan you will get a lot out of the experience of seeing them live.


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  1. It was an absolute pleasure and unique opportunity to see this band perform live. A must for any horror fan. Nice writeup too!

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