Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 (1989)


What in the world?   Gone is all the trashy humor from the first two movies in exchange for a moody piece that bores us to tears and practically kill Bill Mosley’s career!  Proving true the curse of 3’s (any genre film with the number 3 behind it is terrible)  this is absolutely terrible — so much so that I couldn’t even make it through the film drunk.  So Ricky Caldwell is no longer the over acting douche bag from the first film, he’s Bill Moseley now.   And the film is directed by cult director Monte Hellman and even with that epicness we are stuck with a boring film very indicative of the worst trends during the VHS era.

Some girl was in a plane crash with her parents and surivived and just like in real life, she is blind and a psychic.   A dirt bag doctor is using her to communicate with the comatose Ricky Caldwell who is in a coma after having being shot at the end of the events in part 2.   I quite liked Ricky in part 2 when I was in sixth grade, he was an overacting smart ass and I cheered him on as he went on his blood quest for revenge against that abusive Mother Superior.  This film ignores his revenge quest entirely as he is awakened out of his coma by the blind psychic chick  during the opening of the movie.  The whole prologue is supposed to feel like a dream sequence but unfortunately it’s really boring and stupid.  She goes from being chased by Ricky Caldwell to sitting in Santa’s lap asking for presents.  He responds by pulling out a knife and stabbing her to death, as we all would because she is annoying.


The rest of the film is about Ricky’s awakening and tracking down of the blind chick as she goes to her grandma’s house for Christmas with her brother and his girlfriend (Laura Herring, who is used to her best affect in a nude bathtub scene that David Lynch rendered invalid in Mulhollhand Dr.) .  So Ricky in this one has a bowl over his exposed brain in this one and looks ridiculously silly.  After his inspired performance in Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2, Bill Mosley is stuck in this role as a mute killer who looks silly and it’s no wonder it took him almost 20 years to get his career back on track.

The rest of the film is really boring as nothing really happens.  Even as a kid, I didn’t like this movie and watching it drunk decades later changed nothing.  You have boring scenes where the doctor who is trying to study Ricky is in a car with a police officer talking about nothing and scenes were the heroine of the film comes across as a bitter bitch as she accuses her brother’s girlfriend of being a whore.  She seems jealous.

But the bathtub scene is nice.


~ by deathstalker2 on December 8, 2013.

17 Responses to “Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 (1989)”

  1. Lol…great review.

  2. The first of these has been on my list for awhile – good to know the 2nd is worth a watch but not the third. Good review!

  3. I did not even know they made three of these. Nice review though.

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