Texas Chainsaw (2012)


tcmvtWhat’s your favorite scary movie?  You ask most people this, and nine times out of ten the response will be a movie from the 70’s to mid 80s.  Usually it’s The Exorcist or Halloween…but in my opinion it is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.  I have a long, torrid history with this film and series.  As a kid I had some friends who got me to watch The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2; which is more of a dark comedy than an actual horror film.  So when I finally watched the first film on the Video Treasures label (which eventually transitioned into Anchor Bay) after I conned her into buying it for me, I was shocked at what I saw.  For years, I couldn’t get past the opening scene with Ed Neal as the twitchy Hitchhiker.  That whole scene greatly unnerved me and I’d cut the tape off. Continue reading

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987)


As seen from the ending of the original, Billy Caldwell’s younger brother is taking up the proverbial and literal ax to take on the abusive mother superior. And so we get this “sequel” — I put this in quotes because anyone who has seen this film knows that half the films running time consists of an abridged version of the first film! However, when the story proper picks up it gives us some of the most hilariously bad film making ever. Continue reading