Jug Face (2013)


Hicksploitation is alive and well in this little ditty from last year. Jug Face is about a backwoods clan of folk that worship some demonic entity that lives in a pit in the ground that has the power to heal them from all sickness, but requires a sacrifice. The person lucky enough to be bled out into the muddy waters of the pit are chosen by clan member Daiwai, who has visions given to him by the pit and fashions their faces onto clay jugs. Continue reading

Haunt (2013)


Basically this is like a young adult version of Sinister and Insidious but not nearly as terrible as that sounds.    The old trope of a young family moving into a new home that happens to be haunted is the basic premiss of the film, mixed with some teenage angst/love.  The opening scene is a pretty quick attention grabber in which a man uses some sort of strange recording box device to talk to the dead.  This inadvertently summons an evil spirit that takes over his body and forces him to watch himself commit suicide. Continue reading

John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness (1987)


This is a film about a metaphysical Satan trapped in green ooze trying to break free to take over the world. A group of college students are brought in by their physics teacher (Victor Wong) to study the ooze at the behest of a Priest (Donald Pleasence). The container holding the ooze is locked in the basement of an old church and has been kept secret for many, many years. The students spend the night in the old church, and from there, things get weird. The ooze starts to break free and possess the students one by one and Alice Cooper leads an army of homeless bums who kill anyone who tries to escape. As the stakes and tension mount, it’s a battle of good vs. evil to save the world that ends on an enigmatic note. Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day: Top Dads of Horror

I Heart Dad

Hope you are all having a good Father’s Day, or making the best of it.  A couple years ago, I did a spotlight on the moms of horror so I figured it’s time I did a spotlight on the Dad’s of horror!  Let’s get it started: Continue reading

Metallica’s “The Unforgiven III” is really “No Leaf Clover II”


In 1999, my senior year in high school, the mighty Metallica were probably at the precipice of their popularity.  The poseur fans checked out after Load and Reload, and were quickly replaced by a new breed of teenage fans introduced to the band through Enter Sandman.  Metallica did put on one of the coolest concerts ever withe San Francisco Symphony Orchestra conducted by the late Micheal Kamen.  Called S&M (Symphony and Metallica), it was heralded by the single No Leaf Clover, one of two songs made just for the concert.  It was a rather brilliant song, brutal and poetic, and kept Metallica’s new trend of more poetic lyrics. Continue reading

“The People Who Eat Darkness” by Richard Lloyd Parry


This is a fascinating true crime story recounting the tragic events that befall one Lucie Blackman, a British lass, who moved to Japan and disappeared shortly thereafter in the summer 0f 2000.  Taking a job as a hostess in a Japanese nightclub to help make ends meet, she calls her friend one night to tell her she’s on a date with a client.

She is not heard from again. Continue reading