Happy Father’s Day: Top Dads of Horror

I Heart Dad

Hope you are all having a good Father’s Day, or making the best of it.  A couple years ago, I did a spotlight on the moms of horror so I figured it’s time I did a spotlight on the Dad’s of horror!  Let’s get it started:


Nathan Granthan — Creepshow

After killing his future son-in-law in a hunting “accident”, Nathan was murdered by his daughter in retribution. A few years later, Nathan is brought back to life on Father’s Day by Ed Harris’s bad dancing.

All Nathan wants is a little love on Fathers Day. And by love, I mean he wants all these assholes in his house dead and to make cakes out of their heads. And that’s what he gets, so happy father’s day to Nathan!

Stan -- Creepshow

Stan — Creepshow

Ok so we got two dads in Creepshow.  This one is played by Lord Atkins.  He’s a good dad, a little rough around the edges, and won’t let his son Billy read some damn comics.  So Billy orders a voodoo doll and kills him with it.  He then grows up to be author Joe Hill, so Stan must not have done too bad a job raising him.

Alias "Jerry Blake"  -- The Stepfather

Alias “Jerry Blake” — The Stepfather

All this man wants is a damn family.  And when things don’t go his way, he kills them and moves on to the next.  Brilliantly played by Terry O’Quinn, the film is saved by his performance.  His character in the film has played so many characters himself that he’s lost himself and frequently forgets which character he is.  His monologue while staring into the mirror sums it all up:  “Who am I here?”.

Detective Ray Cameron -- Night of the Creeps

Detective Ray Cameron — Night of the Creeps

Oh hey, look!  It’s Lord Atkins again!  This time he’s a detective in Night of the Creeps.  He isn’t a father in the film, at least as far as we know, but he acts as a father figure to the college kids in the film, who then adopt his attitude and steal his catch phrase “Thrill Me.”

Henry Cooper -- Night of the Living Dead

Henry Cooper — Night of the Living Dead


Oh, this guy.  He’s kind of a jerk, hard-nosed, and determined to win in life at all costs.  Unfortunately his pride leads him and his family to die at the hands of their undead daughter in an abandoned farmhouse during brink of the zombie apocalypse.  His heart was in the right place, but his mind sure wasn’t.



Mac — The New Kids

It’s Lord Atkins again!  This time he’s only in the film for a few minutes before he and his wife die in a tragic car accident.  However, we can tell he raised his boy to be a bad ass as he and his sister Abby deal out some violent revenge on some bullies (led by James Spader)  from their high school at a empty amusement park.  Afterwards, Abby changes her name to Becky and falls in love with a guy named Jesse who lives with his widowed brother-law Danny Tanner, and his three daughters.   Cut it out!


John Collingwood — Last House on the Left

This guy is really unassuming.  However, he’s a pretty bad mo-fo when the chips are down.  After finding out his daughter was raped and murdered by his current houseguests, he sets out on a roaring rampage of revenge along with his wife.  Brandishing a chainsaw to kill his victims 7 years before Leatherface, John Collingwood is a great dad and a pioneer of horror.

Last but not least….

Jack Torrance -- The Shining

Jack Torrance — The Shining

He’s a little high strung and a recovering alcoholic trying to make ends meet for his family by taking up the job as a Caretaker in the ominous Overlook Hotel.  Trapped by the brutal Colorado winter, and tempted by past demons and the malevolent spirits of the hotel itself — he tries to keep it together for as long as he can.  Things don’t work out for him but he has a sweet relationship with his son Danny, whom he truly loves, before things go dark.



  1. I’m watching Creepshow right now with my dad! That Ed Harris dancing scene always makes me smile.

    • I haven’t watched it in a few years. It’s time to re-watch it. I have this cool special edition of it from the UK that I bought a region free player to watch it on. I’m not sure why they get this cool version and we don’t, but it’s a travesty!

  2. Awesome list! Jack makes for a great number 1 🙂

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