Almost Human (2013)



Up until this past week, I managed to overlook this film because I confused it with the cool looking sci-fi TV show that I refused to watch because Fox was giving in the Firefly treatment.  However, I read an interesting article on Entertainment Weekly on the influence John Carpenter is having on films in 2014.  One of the films mentioned is Almost Human, which contains a credit sequence with the trademark Carpenter font, as well as a Carpenter inspired synth score.  While browsing through Netflix yesterday morning, I noticed Almost Human had recently been added.  I took the plunge and watched it, and it was a very mixed bag.

ALMOSTHUMANFirst time writer/director Joe Begos wears his influences on his sleeve throughout the film.  It’s a mix of old-school slasher flick mixed with Xtro.  From that synopsis you know whether or not this is a film for you.  This dude named Mark is kidnapped by aliens at the opening of the film, and then he comes back a couple years later.  His best friend Seth is having premonitions about Mark’s return, and Mark’s former girlfriend Jen refuses to listen to Seth.  Mark comes back on a mission to evidently reproduce goes on a violent rampage through the town they live in which evidently does not have a police force or citizens with adequate weapons training.  The sole focus of the film is on Mark going around killing people, and they don’t skimp on the gore FX, which is pretty awesome.  They wanted this film to be a throwback to 80’s fare, and in this they were successful.  However, the acting, especially from the chick who plays Jen is absolutely terrible.  But this is the kind of movie where she’s raped by an alien appendage coming from Mark’s mouth, and she doesn’t bother to put her pants back on for the rest of the film, or seem to really care about being shot up with alien sperm.

It’s generic and you’ll forget about having watched it in a couple days, but it’s only 81 minutes long, so if you don’t have anything better to do this weekend you might as well watch it.


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