Arnold Spitting Flames

And now for something completely different……

I was drunk the other day and seriously jamming to this.


Halloween 2 (Blu-Ray review)


Some of you may have heard a little company called Shout Factory is putting out some really awesome re-releases of our favorite films on glorious blu-ray and stacked to the gills with extras. It makes me feel like it’s 2000 all over again, when DVD was just coming into it’s own and we got digital video discs of some rather gritty films we never thought die out on videocassette. Just like back then, it’s getting a bit unwieldy (I still think it’s hilarious we got I Spit on your Grave remastered in THX).

However, there is one franchise that has needed a complete box set for a while now. Given what film this review is of, you can surmise what I’m speaking about. One that falls on October 31st.

Halloween. Continue reading

Under the Dome by Stephen King


I had this big-as-all-outdoors sitting on my shelf to read for the better part of three years and picked it around mid-August.  I finished it last week and I kept thinking to myself while I was reading it, “Self, why in the hell didn’t you read this book when you bought it, you big munk head!”.  Most of King’s books start out with him describing every little detail of his characters lives down to what toothpaste they use and how much money they owe on their car payment, and these little details help flesh out the characters, and make them relateable, after a certain point it begins to be bit much.  Thankfully, King is like “to hell with that!”, drops a dome down on a small town in the opening page, and let’s us experience the aftermath. Continue reading