The Den (2013)



Ok so this isn’t the most realistic film in the world, let’s just go ahead and put that out there right now.  But the ideas and it’s presentation given it’s budget exceeds it’s limitations and a true horror fan has wasted 76 minutes of their time on worse movies.  Elizabeth Benton (screen name Lizbeth8) is doing a college study on webcam chat habits on a site called “TheDen”.  If any of you have ever frequented an anonymous webcam chat site (don’t lie, you have, I’m watching you) you’ll see some of the familiar types encountered, but only one penis.

Things get really freaky from there as she encounters an on-line murder and isn’t sure if it’s an internet hoax or if she’s really seen someone die.  However, the killer starts cyber-stalking her, going so far as to record her lovemaking activities and e-mailing them to her professor, and that’s when the plot really escalates.  Now, this is a film.  In real life, a girl would (presumably) get off the damned internet.  But no. Elizabeth presses on, trying to find out who the killer is, while the killer starts killing  people close to her.  You can probably figure out how this all ends.

The acting isn’t the best thing in the world, but the lead Melanie Papalia is cute and competent enough to keep us interested.  The fact that she doesn’t have the good sense to buy a gun and quit playing on line is alarming, but she’s not stupid and actually turns out to be a fairly kick-ass heroine.

Yes, it’s terribly far-fetched, especially towards the end, but it makes you think.  There is no telling who is lurking in the darkest corners of the internet.  There is a lot of foul stuff going on to be sure, but it’s highly doubtful anything like in the films climax actually exist.

But it is food for thought.

This is currently streaming on Netflix, so watch it while it’s up.



  1. Seems interesting enough to check out.

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