Rats: Night of Terror (1984)


I hate to be mean but the title of this film gives away it’s quality.  Directed by “legendary” horror director Bruno Mattei, this movie focuses on a group of survivors trying to make ends meet after a nuclear holocaust that is supposed to happen sometime this year (2015).  You see, after the holocaust, humanity separated into two classes: the elite, who live below ground, and the common people, who live above ground.   Yes, it would make more sense if their locations were inverted, but such is the logic of this film. Continue reading

“The Fifty Year Sword” by Mark Z. Danielewski (2005, 2012)


Those of you who know me fairly well know my love for House of Leaves, the debut novel by Mark Z. Danielewski (and a book I eventually plan to re-read and review/write out all my thoughts on at some point in the near future). Danielewski is a writer who likes to challenge the reader. His books are intricately designed to invite re-reading to discover hidden gem. As much as I loved his debut, his second work, Only Revolutions is one I just could not get into. Continue reading

It by Stephen King (1986)

When I was a kid, my mom and sister were big Stephen King fans.  I remember my sister being a part of the Stephen King book club (those commercials for it used to freak me out).  The cover art for the books were amazing (that first edition Gunslinger is on point), but the most intriguing was the cover for It with a clawed green hand reaching up from a sewer grate for the paper-mache boat.  They both read the book shortly after it’s release, and I remember thinking how good the book must have been.  Flash forward two to three years and the TV mini-series aired starring Tim Curry in an iconic role as Pennywise and ruined many childhoods. Continue reading

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)


After my father died, my mother and I made it a ritual to go see a movie every Christmas, and on December 25, 2001, we saw one of the best Christmas releases ever.  It was of course, Lord of the Rings:  The Fellowship of the Rings.  It was a brilliant, dark, and beautiful film that instantly captured our imaginations and led us to reading the books.  The following two years, I and my family were equally excited for the next two films in the series.  And it was very sad when the trilogy came to a close, but what a great time it was.  Now, fourteen years later, we have the final release of the Hobbit trilogy.  I happened to be home for the holidays and for the sake of tradition to both our Christmas ritual and obligation to this series, we went to go see the final chapter. Continue reading

Pieces of Talent (2014)

Pieces-Of-Talent-PosterDavid Long (played by actor David Long) is an aspiring film-maker who wants to shoot beautiful and inspiring things.  Sounds pretty inspirational, until you realize his idea of beautiful and inspirational are essentially snuff films.  Meanwhile, Charlotte (Kristi Ray) is an aspiring actress who is sheltering her alcoholic mother while they both bounce from job to job.  The three lives find themselves on a collision course as David is shooting footage outside the strip club where Charlotte works as a waitress.  David’s activity doesn’t go over too well with a bouncer who beats the crap out of David and Charlotte saves him and helps piece David back together. Continue reading