Escape from Tomorrow (2013)

Escape from Tomorrow
is the absurdist story of a father’s mental breakdown while on a trip to Walt Disney World with his family.  In the opening moments of the film, our protagonist Jim White is on his last day of vacation at the Disney resort and is enjoying the morning on the balcony of the family’s hotel room.  He is on the phone with his boss, whom fires him for reasons unknown.  Then Jim’s son Eliot locks the door to the balcony and climbs in bed with his mom (Emily).  Sleeping in the other bed is Jim’s daughter Sara.  Both of the kids are around five or six years old, which adds to the stress of the situation as they go into the park. The weight of the job loss plus having to deal with the temperaments of his children lead to fights between Jim and his wife. Continue reading

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture


One of my first thoughts after about half an hour into this game was “I paid $15 for THIS?”.  I then fell asleep because I was bored by the whole experience.  My second attempt ended up pretty much the same way.  The third time was the charm. This time I took the game for what it was and found myself being drawn into the world it’s creators The Chinese Room had made for us to experience the end of. Continue reading

Clown (2014)

In 2010, a fake preview for a movie called Clown popped up on-line.  The story centered on a man who put on a clown costume and couldn’t get it off.  What’s worse, it was transforming him into a demon.  The preview claimed the upcoming film was directed by Eli Roth.  Roth saw the trailer and was impressed by the bravado and decided to help produce a full length version of the film.  Clown the film follows the same central story as the trailer. Continue reading