O.H.M.A.D. Day 7: House of Evil aka The Evil (1978)


I tried to do up a review for all of you yesterday, but WordPress said no no.  In lieu of a blog post, I hurriedly typed up this review on my official Facebook page (which you should click “like” on, if you haven’t already). 

Today’s film was House of Evil aka The Evil (1978) and stars Col Troutman (Richard Creena) as an atheist psychiatrist who moves into a house where some dude managed to lock Satan in the basement. At the opening of the film, Troutman asks his wife if she wants to move into the house and she says no. He replies: “But the movie doesn’t begin until you say yes!”.

Of course, Troutman is hardheaded and unlocks the seal containing the Prince of Darkness after being warned not to and people are killed and a black lady is raped. Troutman’s cutie wife is a good Christian lady and is able to convince Troutman in the supernatural. Troutman and Satan (Victor Buono, who played King Tut on the Batman TV Show and nominated for the Acadamey Award for Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?) have a showdown about good vs. evil.

evilsatanOverall, I liked the ambiance of this film a lot. The crusty 1970’s atmosphere, along with film scratches and cigarette burns add to the charm of this little film. The acting is fairly strong, despite this being a rather low budget flick, and the script contains several amazing pieces of dialogue like “I feed on terror, Mr. Arnold. Your puny fears give birth to it and you suckle it like swine till it overcomes you. This can last an eternity. It drains nothing from me, causes me no discomfort. I expend nothing to hold you here and place you in pain far greater than anything you can imagine possible.”.


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