O.H.M.A.D. Day 12: We Are Still Here (2015)


I’m not going to go into a lot of exhaustive detail here; this film was just dropped on blu-ray/DVD this past week, but needless to say this is one for horror fans to really enjoy.  We Are Still Here takes place in New Englanda during the winter of 1979 and focuses on a family who recently lost their son.  Anne (Barbara Crampton of Re-Animator and From Beyond) and Paul move into their home after the death of their young son Bobby.  There are dark spirits in their house which claim to have Bobby numbered among them, thus the young couple bring in their psychic medium friends (one of whom is Larry Fessenden) to try to speak with the spirits.  Bad things happen.

wearestillhereVery heavily influenced by Lucio Fulci, but not to the point of plagiarism, the film  features a heavy amount of gore.  The plot is bare bones, but is well acted from it’s seasoned thespians.  Clocking in at a little over 80 minutes, We Are Still Here does not over stay it’s welcome and manages to pack in a concise amount of thrills.  The burned up ghosts are playing for keeps and you’ll enjoy watching them rip through chests and crush heads, though the film does get a bit lazy with a couple of the kills near the end and they just throw some fake blood at the wall instead of showing what happened. You can tell from my reviews of recent horror movies I’ve been really unimpressed by them, but We Are Still Here is one that manages to be a combo breaker.  This is a great Halloween treat for horror fans.  Check it out.


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