O.H.M.A.D 2015 Day 24: Evil Bong (2006)


Evil Bong is a very important film that sets out to answer the decades old question “What if Freddy Kruger was a sassy black lady who lived in a bong?”. The great sage of our time Charles Band decided to help out society with this 2006 offering. The story opens with a college nerd named Alistair moving in with stoners who then decide to purchase an expensive bong on-line. When it arrives, Alistair’s new roomies imitatively fire it up. One by one, they are sucked in the world of the Evil Bong, where they meet other people from Full Moon flicks before a stripper with mouths on her bra uses said mouths to kill them. Thankfully Tommy Chong, the bongs former owner, comes in to save the day, but is it too late or will the Evil Bong complete her sinister plans for world domination?

evilbong2I bought this movie for $2 at a drug store (the irony). The disc also contains Demonic Toys (which is why I bought it), Meridian, and Decadent Evil. That’s $0.50 per film, which means with this one sale all films have recouped their budget. You’re welcome Charles. I honestly had no intention of watching Evil Bong (stoner humor isn’t my thing), but I took the plunge yesterday.  It is surprisingly entertaining for a post 1990’s outing from Full Moon.  Michelle Maias as the voice of Eebee is hilarious and what makes the film worth watching.  The film doesn’t make any sense and is way more comedy than horror (what do you expect from the title?) but it is fairly entertaining for a Saturday afternoon when you’ve nothing better to do.  It also has an actual soundtrack (probably where the budget went) done by luminaries such as Kottonmouth Kings, Twiztid, and Insane Clown Posse.  Evil Bong has spawned five sequels since this film, but it’s tough to tell if they’ve been made because Evil Bong has such a devoted fan base or if because nobody has the inclination to pop Charles Band’s hand and tell him “no”.



  1. You’re right, Full Moon really fell off after the 90s. Knowing that, I keep coming back and I don’t know why. Their newer films are like chips or Redbull or something — cheap and bad for me, but addictive. I have to admit, though, I had a bit of fun running through the Killjoy and Gingedead Man series for my blog a ways back. I probably shouldn’t have, but I threw twenty bucks at the kickstarter for Evil Bong: High 5 and Killjoy: Psycho Circus last month. I still haven’t seen the original Evil Bong movies that came out before they just started mashing their characters together into whatever you wanna call these recent crossover movies, not sure if I want to.

    • I tried to watch Killjoy when it first came out, but just couldn’t get into it. I did see Gingerdead Man 3, I think? The one where he goes back in time? And I tried to watched Puppet Master: Axis of Evil, but that was absolutely terrible. There is a new Puppet Master comic book i wanna check out though.

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