Ash vs. Evil Dead: Pilot Episode (2015)

ash3It’s been twenty-two years since Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have visited the world of the deadites.  After many years of teasing us with an ED4, they’ve finally made good on their promises and then some with the new television show Ash Vs. Evil Dead.  I have to be honest, this is one of those dream projects that seems to good to be true.  After years of being let down by rumors and speculations both by the internet and the films creators I seriously doubted that this would ever come to fruition.  But it has, and despite some missteps, the wait was worth it.  Just like in the other sequels in the series, the recaps don’t synch up like they should (in this world Army of Darkness didn’t take place, but an amalgam of the first two films did).

ashAsh is now a lounge lizard who spends his time in seedy bars picking up chicks for one night stands.  Unfortunately for our hero, he decided it’d be a great idea to impress a chick by reading from the Necronomicon and has once again brought the evil into the world!  This sets up a comeback for our loud-mouthed and sleazy anti-hero who brings in two co-workers (Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago) in on his quest to do battle with the deadites.  I love Sam Raimi and I always have; this show is very true to the originals in the series.  The deadites are playfully evil and take a sadistic relish in taunting their victims, much like they did to the cast of the original with Cheryl.

But on the negative side, the film is playing a bit loose with it’s own mythology:  the evil dead are no better than zombies in this show and head shots do the trick instead of total body dismemberment.  I guess some concessions had to be made in order to get this on the air.  Also, the gore is largely done with CGI instead of the practical effects we’re used to.  Unfortunately, KNB can’t return to the series because they are preoccupied with some other show on AMC.  This will be the only episode directed by Raimi, so the jury is out as to what happens with the rest of the series.  However, I feel the show will be something special and if From Dusk Till Dawn the TV show can be an awesome without Robert Rodriguez directing, or even without the original cast, there is no reason Ash vs. Evil Dead can not be successful.




  1. I noticed the FX are a combination of practical FX and CG. Most of the blood splashing and head explosions are CG but the deadites make up are perfectly matched to the ED films.

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