Last Shift (2014)


last-shift-2014-001-jessica-in-uniform-looking-waryOfficer Jessica Loren (Juilana Harkavy, The Walking Dead, Constantine) is a rookie put in charge of watching over a derelict police station on it’s final night of operation.  And of course a bunch of things go wrong, otherwise this would be a very boring movie.  First of all, a homeless man breaks in and urinates on the floor.  Loren expedites the situation by letting him go as he’s not really a threat.  Then, she starts to see some ghostly apparitions and it becomes apparent the station is haunted by the dead Manson like cult leader John Micheal Paymon (Joshua Mikel, Terminator Genisys, We’re the Millers) who was responsible for the murder of her father.

lastshiftWhat I liked about this film is that it has this trippy Silent Hill vibe going on which I really liked. Some of the visions and creatures Loren encounters seem to be inspired from that series, which isn’t a bad thing.  Another positive is Last Shift manages to do a great job of keeping things fresh and moving forward even though we’re in this one location alone Juilana Harkavy (I can think of worse ways to spend my time) the majority of the film.  There are several very effective creep shots that add to the paranoia of Officer Loren as she tries to keep it together for the sake of her job when she really should have left the damn place about twenty minutes into the film.  Director Anthony DiBlasi also helmed the stellar Clive Barker adaptation Dread, which I really liked.  DiBlasi’s a very talented guy and can craft some genuine chills, but Last Shift ends on a very flat note and feels like a bit of a cheat and very anti-climatic. Also a few of the makeup and mask effects are dime store quality there at the end as well which made it feel like they ran out of funding and needed to hurry up filming before they got kicked out by the landlord.  Last Shift is still a nice little thrill ride up until that point so I can’t hate on it.



  1. I like your review style, DeathStalker. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.

    • Thank you! Feel free to share the blog.

      • Sure thing. If you let me know your email we’ll send the details. Thanks 🙂

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