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“If you’re good at something, NEVER do it for free”.  — Joker, “The Dark Knight”.

Over the past year, I’ve been seriously considering stepping up this blog and making it into a website.  Writing is something that is a strong passion of mine even as I tell myself “you suck!” constantly; however, I have had many positive comments on my reviews and stories over the past few years and it has led me to believe I should receive cash from it.  And in the interest of full disclosure, I got hurt at work last year and have been unemployed since.  I have a lot of free time to invest in this venture at the moment and feel I should go full steam ahead.

I’ve purchased a domain and am working on getting my feet wet in the world of web design and I hope to port over all the content from this blog.  The Mind of Madness has turned from a hobby shared only with close friends that has turned into a passion project over the course of the past six years and I’ve enjoyed having all of you come on board.  I appreciate all the comments and likes fellow bloggers have been kind enough to bestow upon me.  I’ll keep you guys updated on details as they are finalized, and if any of you have experience with incorporating WP into a website and have any pointers, please let me know.


Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981)


I first came across Dark Night of the Scarecrow on TBS while channel surfing sometime in the early 90’s.  I saw it was a horror movie with Larry Drake, whom I loved in Darkman and Dr. Giggles (but mainstream audiences knew from L.A. Law) and I knew I had to watch it.  The opening of the film and the music set a sinister tone which culminated with a dog attacking a young girl.  I was uncharacteristically disturbed and had to change the channel.  The memory stuck with me and I always planned to catch up with this film.  Flash forward a quarter-century to yesterday afternoon, and I finally watched the entire thing and it has instantly become one of my favorite films. Continue reading