The Hallow (2015)


Viewed by it’s writer/director Corin Hardy as a mix between Straw Dogs and Pan’s Labyrinth, The Hollow is a cool little creature feature flick currently streaming on Netflix.  A conservationist named Adam and his wife Claire move into a new home with their infant son Finn and are quickly warned by locals to stay out of the woods.  Of course, they don’t listen, and Finn finds something he shouldn’t: a strange carcass covered in a strange black goo in an abandoned house.  He takes a sample of the goo home and studies it only to find it’s a type of parasite.  He eventually discovers the creatures the goo creates out in the woods, and that they want his son. Continue reading


Green Room (2016)


A young punk rock band is riding the road in search of gigs in order to survive.  Barely scraping bay, siphoning gas to stay on the road, and with a couple cartons of Mexican take out for sustenance, the group take on a gig at a skinhead Neo-Nazi bar for $350.  After the gig is over, they stumble upon a crime scene in the bar and things go downhill quick for all involved.  This review contains very light spoilers. Continue reading