V/H/S: Viral (2014)


The third and final entry in the V/H/S franchise, Viral, is the most ambitious in scope; though slightly undercut by it’s budget.  The entire series has been divisive among horror fans, but the general consensus is that Viral is awful.  This word of mouth is why I put off watching it for the past couple years, which is odd, because I really liked the first two V/H/S films a lot.  At about ten minutes into Viral, I was hooked, and chalked the negative reviews up to typical internet backlash. Continue reading

The Savage South Rises Again: The Loved Ones (2009)


I’m bending the rules here on what counts as southern horror by expanding it to the land down under (so you better run, you better take cover).  The Loved Ones is a dark comedy/horror about a troubled young man named Brent.  Reeling from the loss of his father during an auto-accident, he’s on the verge of self-destruction.  His classmate Lola asks him to the prom, but is denied.  Brent is currently involved with someone else and this does not sit well with the obsessive Lola, who along with her father, kidnap Brent and submit him to a night of terror in order to make him become one of her “loved ones”. Continue reading

The Savage South Rises Again: Eaten Alive (1976)


Eaten Alive tells the sordid tale of Judd — a psychotic hotel owner in east Texas who feeds problem tenets to his pet alligator.  The movie introduces it’s lurid tone from the get go by having a pre-Nightmare on Elm St. Robert Englund unbuckling his belt and introducing himself to a prostitute by saying “My name is Buck. I’m here to *insert word that rhymes with Buck and is a synonym for coitus*”, (Tarantino “borrowed” this in Kill Bill vol. 1).  It’s all downhill from there as this event sets in motion a collision course between a few of the residents of the town and Judd. Continue reading